WASHINGTON, DC–The Kansas City Chiefs had a date at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue Monday afternoon.

The Chiefs were invited to the White House to honor the team for winning Super Bowl LVII over the Eagles.

That was the third time the franchise has won a Super Bowl, but this was the first time the team was invited to the White House.

Back in 1970, President Nixon phoned Len Dawson in the lockerroom after the win.

When the Chiefs beat the Niners, Covid-19 canceled any trip to DC.

So Monday was a chance to celebrate all those super wins.

Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce presented Joe Biden with a Chiefs jersey.

Afterwards coach Andy Reid talked about the trip to DC.

“The one thing I take from this is it doesn’t matter if you’re a Democrat, Republican or an Independent, it’s about the unity. The opportunity to come together here as the United States and be a part of that. I think our guys displayed that today. I think the staff here and President Biden expressed that to all of us. It was just a great time,” said Chiefs coach Andy Reid.