SPRINGFIELD, Mo–In class 3, the Springfield Catholic Fighting Irish faced Valley Park in a state semifinal.

Springfield Catholic has won two state championships in baseball, but it’s been eight years since Catholic has won a state title.

The Valley Park Hawks have two state championships as well, the last 19 years ago.

And it’s 3-0 Irish after one, enough of a lead for Ben Smith to deal on the hill, he gets this strikeout, one of his 11 strikeouts in five innings of work.

The Irish would build on that lead in the fourth, Colton Galligos singles to left, Ben Ruter scores it’s 4-0.

Then Hans Kaiser with the bloop single to center, it drops in, Weston Cline scores it’s 5-0.

Then Cole Leonhart shoots the gap in left center, Galligos and Kaiser both score to make it 7-0.

Catholic goes onto win 11-0 and will play Father Tolton, Thurday night for the state championship.