ST. LOUIS, Mo–The St. Louis Cardinals have Monday off as they get ready to host the Colorado Rockies starting Tuesday night.

It also gives the team and fans an opportunity to reflect on what this season has turned into following a slugging sunday.

Who says Sunday is a day of rest.

“A blast for Albert, 688…”

Albert Pujols slugged his St. Louis Cardinals solidly into first place in the National League Central with his 63rd career multi-home run game.

“Into deep left center, oh my goodness.”

42-year old Albert Pujols belted a solo shot in the second, and then crushed the first pitch he saw in the eighth inning into the left centerfield bleachers, a three run bomb that sealed the Cardinals 6-3 win over Milwaukee.

When Pujols signed with the Cardinals in spring training the talk was of nostalgia.

Now the talk is about 700 career homers and the playoffs.

“It’s just another day. It was a great day to contribute. Two great organizations playing for a title,” said Pujols.

St. Louis owns a game and a half lead over Milwaukee in the division and the two teams still play each other four more times this year.

The season series winner will make the playoffs, the loser may not.

“I think this is what you’re going to see between these two ballclubs the remainder of the games we have against them,” said Pujols.

Sure, Pujols is thinking team.

The fans are thinking 700.

Can the 22 season veteran reach that magical plateau?

He’s 11 away from 700 with eight weeks left in the regular season.

“You tell me, I think I’ve been recording good swings all year long. Sometimes you’re going to get some breaks and sometimes you won’t. I feel like that’s how it is,” said Pujols.

The 63rd career multi-home run game tied Pujols with Willie Mays.

Earlier in the weekend he put his name alongside of Ty Cobb.

“No doubt he’s had an unbelievable career. We joke about it. Anytime he puts the ball in play he’s passing somebody. It’s definitely neat to witness it,” said Cardinals manager Oli Marmol.

And on slugging Sunday, Albert did take time thank the man upstairs.

Pujols:”To finish my career here where it all started is a blessing and I thank God for giving me the opportunity to do that.”