PROVO, Utah–The Missouri State Bears hit the road Wednesday night for the first time this season.

Dana Ford’s Bears are in Provo, Utah to play Brigham Young.

The Bears are 1-0 while the Cougars are 1-1.

Last year, BYU beat Missouri State in Springfield.

But the last time the Bears were in Provo they beat the Cougars, that was back in 1987.

And Missouri State with a strong first half, Cougar turnover, Damien Mayo running the floor, the crossover and hoop, 12-10 Bears in front.

Later, Chance Moore with a three pointer, it’s 18-16 Missouri State.

The Bears hot from the perimeter, Bryan Trimble Junior with a three pointer, it’s 23-18 Missouri State.

BYU led by one at the half.

Second half, the Cougars Noah Waterman with the three, he hit five of them, 47-40 BYU.

But Missouri State rallied, Chance Moore with two of his team high 18 points, it’s tied at 53.

Seven seconds left, Bears down two, Alston Mason drives the lane gets the hoop we’re tied at 64.

Four seconds left, the Cougars Dallin Hall goes the length of the floor and makes the tough basket.

And BYU survives 66-64.