MARIONVILLE, Mo–Boasting an undefeated record is no small feat at any level of high school football.

So just because Marionville plays in the smallest class doesn’t mean opponents should take them lightly.

In fact, their lack of depth makes them tougher than most.

If you’re lucky, you might witness the phenomenom known as Halley’s comet once in your life.

But if you want to see a real meteor shower, then all you gotta do is head to Bill Redus Field on Friday’s in the fall.

The Marionville Comets streak across the gridiron like a blur.

Crashing into their opponents with relentless force.

“It’s an iron man game in Class One because kids are playing both ways. It’s just double the learning, too. It helps their learning i.q. in general. I don’t know if our kids are tougher, but I like to think so because I’m a Marionville kid and I have a lot of respect and bleed the Comet blue,” said Comets coach Paden Grubbs.

That iron man mentality’s pushed the Comets to an impressive record of 35-3 over the last three seasons.

Which includes district championships in 2020 and 2022.

However, it’s been exactly 20 years since Marionville won a state title.

“It’s something that we definitely think about and we’ve had some good teams over the years, but we just haven’t gotten over the hump and win that game, so I think we have a good opportunity this year as long as we keep improving and hopefully we can do that,” said running back Hugh Eaton.

Marionville’s optimistic for good reason.

They enter week 5 undefeated at 4-0, blowing out opponents by an average of almost 50 points.

Doing it all with a first-year starting quarterback.

“It started out I was kinda nervous about it but these four weeks have been perfect for me. They’ve been fun, so I’m just trying to get better every week,” said sophomore quarterback Bryer Geurin.

Helping Geurin quickly come of age is his older brother and teammate, Gage.

“A lot of people probably underestimate him, I’m pretty sure no one in Marionville does, though. He’s played in some really big basketball games, and baseball games, and he’s performed. He’s a great performer and he’s just an athlete. He goes out and plays and he does great,” said senior receiver Gage Geurin.

The duo’s only connected for one touchdown so far this season, but the brothers are soaking in every minute of their final year in blue and white.

“Anytime we make a connection it’s good…whenever he scores it’s good, more excitement. We get to talk about it with the family, too. It’s fun.”

Chris Pinson:
Dan, one more reason to believe Bryer Geurin can take this team all the way.
Last year as a freshman, Geurin helped the Comets win a district title in football, basketball, & baseball.

So winning big games is just a habit for the Comets young quarterback.