CAMDENTON, Mo. — Just off the shores of Lake of the Ozarks.

“When I think of Camdenton football, I think of the Shores,” Camdenton senior receiver Kam Durnin said.

The closing chapters of a book that spans six different decades is being written.

“I’ve been truly lucky and I have I’ve been a part of something really fun, you know, and good,” Camdenton head coach Jeff Shore said. “I haven’t been the thing. I’ve been a part of it and it’s been neat you get to do that.”

Camdenton head football coach Jeff Shore took over the reins of the program from his father, legendary head coach Bob Shore, in 2011.

This season will be his last at the helm of the Lakers.

“To watch, you know, one of my boys had success in Bob Shore Stadium with him coaching him right there is, you know, can’t ask for more than that,” Jeff Shore said.

With Bob still on the sideline, Jeff has coached all three of his kids. Sophie in basketball, Beau in football and Bear, who is a senior quarterback at Camdenton.

“Yeah, it’s awesome. I feel like there’s a lot of great times. I mean, to get to share that with my dad is just an awesome experience,” Camdenton senior quarterback Bear Shore said. “And so we have a lot of fun and I feel like I couldn’t ask for a better high school football experience.”

“The good Lord has been good to me,” Jeff Shore said. “I couldn’t ask for anything else. And it’s been it’s been a great ride. And I’m just just kind of enjoying every moment, soaking it in, you know, and it’s fun.”

At 7-0, the Lakers are aiming to close the book in a perfect way.

“Anytime you can, you can go out on top it’s obviously a big deal,” Durnin said. “And even for the any of the other guys, especially the seniors, I mean, it’d be really special.”

“It’s huge. I remember last year we lost our last game before going into the postseason, and I definitely felt like it had some negative effects,” Bear Shore said. “So the building the momentum going into the playoffs, I feel like it’s just it’s really big and I feel like we’re going to play hard no matter what win or lose, but I feel like it definitely helps.”

The Lebanon Yellowiackets also enter the game undefeated as both will fight for a conference and potential district crown.

Meaning one thing is for sure.

“If you want to see a high school football game, state of Missouri, that’d be the one to see Friday night,” Jeff Shore said with a smile.

The winner of Friday’s contest will claim the Ozark Conference championship and will likely claim the 1 seed in the class 5 district 5 tournament.