Brice Calip Capitalizing In A Comeback Season


SPRINGFIELD, Mo–Brice Calip wants to become the next Lady Bears floor general. It’s hardly surprising when you learn her father was a standout quarterback who now coaches high school football, and Brice’s mother was her high school basketball coach outside of Tulsa. 

“Just as a baby, been in the gym with my mom, always on her back, wanting know her plays, wanting to know her players. Also, being in the locker room with my dad,” said Brice Calip.”

Brice says her mom played no favorites, making her daughter earn her minutes like every other player. That team-first attitude attracted Coach Kellie Harper.

“My physicality, love of the game. She said she needed a point guard, and she was like, ‘I really think you could invest in our program very well, and we’d love to have you here,” said Calip.

Calip committed, and she got off to a solid start in Springfield. She scored 14 points at Kansas last year, but her freshman season hit a snag on the Thanksgiving trip.

“When we were in Alaska, I got a concussion, and that was really hard. Just out for a couple weeks, tried to come back for a few Christmas break games, and then came back to practice and got another one,” said Calip.

And that was it. Calip spent the rest of her first college season recovering from a brain injury.

“That was really frustrating, but I learned from it helping my teammates from off the floor as another assistant coach, giving them feedback and just learning from that point of view,” said Brice Calip. 

The NCAA granted Calip a medical redshirt, and she’s back on the floor for another freshman season. She still battles migraines from time to time, but they’re not stopping her. 

“I’m more knowledgeable of the game. I feel like my perspective is a lot more aggressive. I have more confidence than what I had before,” said Calip. 

Calip is playing big minutes for the Lady Bears, and with her coach’s perspective on the floor, she will likely make a couple coaches back in Tulsa two proud parents.

For Lady Bear Basketball, I’m Dan Molloy.

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