Beavers Win NCAA Behind Abel's Arm

OMAHA, Neb.--The Arkansas Razorbacks and Oregon State Beavers stepped onto the diamond Thursday night in Omaha, and the NCAA college baseball national championship was on the line.

The Razorbacks had come within a whisker to winning it all last night, but needed to bounce back. 

And bottom of the first, Adley Rutschman singles past a diving Casey Martin into left, Cadyn Grenier scores it's 1-nothing.

Then Michael Gretler lines this to third, Martin gets there, but a bad throw to first, allows Trevor Larnach to score it's 2-nothing.

The Beavers Kevin Abel was on fire, in the third, he strikes out Jax Biggers swinging.

Oregon State gives him more offense in the bottom half, again it's Rutschman, a single to left that scores Larnach, it's 3-nothing Beavers.

Abel was more than able, he strikes out Luke Bonfield looking to end the game, Abel throws a complete game, shutout with ten strikeouts.

Oregon State wins the game 5-nothing, and the national championship.  

"That dogpile, it hurt.  It hurt alot but I loved it.  It's what you dream about.  And that's not something that I will ever forget.  It's where we wanted to be.  We wanted to finish.  That's what we've wanted to do all year. And we did it," said Abel.


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