We all know time flies when you’re having fun, and maybe that’s why nothing lasts forever. Because at some point life hits you with a reality check. Like it did the Missouri State men’s basketball team.

Donovan Clay and the Bears winners of their last four in a row, playing the first of two road games against Valley Conference newcomer, Belmont who’s 5-1 at home this season.

Seven minutes into action, Bruins up 1, Drew Frieberg’s a big reason why Belmont makes 10 threes a game, his triple here extends their lead.

Inside four minutes, MSU on 10-6 run, add three more to it as Dalen Ridgnal ties the game on the deep trey ball.

But with less than a minute til intermission, Ben Shepherd protects his flock of Bruins with a sniper from the outside. Belmont led 37-35 at the half.

In the second, the Bruins started to outmuscle the Bears. They used a 22-12 run out of the locker room to go up by 12 thanks to David Brauns 2nd-chance bucket.

And then it’s Frieberg driving home the nail with his third three pointer of the contest. 33 of the Bruins 74 points come from beyond the arc as they snap Missouri State’s four-game winning streak.