CHICAGO–The Missouri State Bears tipped off Valley Conference play Wednesday night in Chicago.

In our Bear Nation report, Mo State didn’t fare so well in the Bahamas losing two of the three games.

Wednesday night it was against new Valley member Illinois-Chicago.

And the Flames were hot early, Jace Carter with a corner three, it’s 10-2 start.

But Missouri State battles back, Donovan Clay drives to the rack, it’s 12-11 Bears.

Then Bryan Trimble junior with the deep three, it’s 24-18 Mo State.

Right before the half, Chance Moore with the drive and the dunk, it was 30-25 Bears.

Missouri State up by six at the half.

Second half, more Clay, backs into the paint and gets the hook to fall, it’s 48-37 Bears.

Then Missouri State’s defense gets the steal, out to Clay for the slam dunk, i t’s 50-37.

Clay finished with 17 points, nine rebounds and seven assists.

Chance Moore had 17 as well, three on this shot, and Missouri State wins the Valley opener 66-51.