SPRINGFIELD–Five days from now, Ryan Beard will finally get to lead the Bears onto the field at Plaster Stadium for his first home opener as head football coach. Missouri State’s 0-2 so far this season, though, after facing two talented road opponents. But there’s no excuses coming from the locker room.

But believe me, Beard is well aware how important this Saturday is for MO-State’s momentum and his impression with the fanbase in his first season at the helm.

The Bears attention is firmly focused on beating the Buffaloes of Utah Tech this weekend, who are coming off their first win of the season. However, it’s the fight and resolve Beard’s team showed in their narrow loss to UT-Martin two weeks ago that should give Bear nation confidence this group is trending toward victory.

“It means we’re capable, said Bears first-year head coach Ryan Beard.” “It means we’re not gonna fold. We’re not gonna just lay down and take it. We’ve actually got some fight in us and we’re gonna fight back. But on the other side of the coin we can’t let it get that far. We have to be better as coaches and be better at making sure our players are ready to play from the first snap to the last snap. But it certainly was good to see becuae that game could’ve gone the other direction. I think…we fought back. We battled, and we just have to put a full game together.”