Bear Necessities: Week One Recap


SPRINGFIELD, Mo–The canons hadn’t finished booming before the Bears blasted their way on to the scoreboard during their home opener against Southwestern.

“I came with a different focus this year,” explained Deion Holliman.

Breck Ruddick then connected with Deion Holliman on their first offensive drive; Just Holliman’s 2nd touchdown reception in 3 years as a Bear.

“It’s a great feeling, especially when you have a guy like this who starts the game off like that. You know the tempo is going to be good,” said Breck Ruddick.

“They had expectations of me being a better offensive threat, so they helped me boost my confidence,” said Deion Holliman.

An early lead was something hard to come by in 2015. Missouri State, fell behind in 9 of their 11 games.

“It was great to have the opening kickoff go back for a touchdown. It was really exciting,” said Dave Steckel.”

“I really reigned Mack’s play calling in. I think what was advantageous for us though was that it built up our confidence,” said Stec.

In the end, Stec earned his 2nd win as a head coach with the 57-0 victory. The largest margin of victory for a Missouri State team since 1991.

“It feels good to win. I almost forgot what a winning locker room felt like,” said Stec. “57 looks great, and it was great so don’t misinterpret that, but tomorrow we have to wake up and fix the problems so we can be ready for the next game.

With your Bear Necessities Recap for Week 1, I’m Daniel Shedd. 

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