SPRINGFIELD, Mo–There are opponents and then there are arch rivals.

And Wednesday night the seventh ranked Drury Lady Panthers battled their arch rivals Ashland.

The Eagles are ranked third in the country.

This is their fifth meeting, the first four were deep in the NCAA D2 tournament.

The series is tied 2 wins apiece.

And Drury freshman Reese Schaaf with the corner three, the Lady Panthers were up 7-4.

Scramble for the ball, Hallie Heidemann gets the handle and the layup, Ashland in front 10-9.

Second quarter action, Maddie Maloney with the catch and shoot three, it’s 19-17 Eagles.

But Drury keeps pace, Kaylee Damitz-Holt with the hoop and the harm, the freethrow gives the Lady Panthers a one point lead.

Later it’s Maloney again with the step back j, Ashland was up 28-21.

The Lady Panthers Alana Findley with the jumper, two of her game high 27 points.

But this would go into overtime before Ashland wins 68-67.