1st & 10 Week 9 GOTW: Ash Grove vs. Strafford


ASH GROVE, Mo–Strafford riding a 6 game win streak, in large part to the defense. 

In the first quarter, here’s that Indians defense going to work early. Ryan Lofton with the sack. 

Later in the quarter Strafford going for it on 4th down and Kensen White just misses his target. Off the finger tips, ball goes back to Ash Grove. 

Neither offense getting anything going so it’s natural a turnover leads to the first score. Ball goes out of the endzone on the snap to make it 2-0 Pirates on the safety. 

Late in the second quarter, Strafford going with the half back pass, Drew Stoll with a  dime to Mason Foley. And Foley takes it to the 10 yard line. 

That’s when things gets wild, on 4th and goal from the 4, some of the lights go out. Leading to a delay. 

Just to give you and idea of how dark it was, this is what it looked like without adjusting our cameras. 

But after a couple  of minutes the refs say we play on. And boy did Strafford draw up a good play during the break. Fake field goal and Stoll strolls into the endzone. Strafford takes a 7-2 lead at the half. 

Lights were good to go in the second half for a crazy finish. Strafford up 3 late in the fourth as Ash Grove has 4th and goal from inside the one but a false start pushes them back.

And then of 4th and 6 a desperation scramble looks like it gives Ash Grove a dramatic win… but instead a flag is thrown for an illegal forward pass. Which results in a loss of down.

As Strafford holds on to win a bizarre one 13-10. 

“It was that last play, I thought we had him down but I looked back and I saw he was in the endzone and I thought it was over but I saw a flag and it was crazy and then our defense stepped it up at the end,” said Drew Stoll. 

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