SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — You might not know their name, but it’s known country-wide.

“We think we’re doing a pretty good job. And then you come to find out a lot of people around here don’t even know exists,” Lighthouse Christian head coach Brett Williams said.

Lighthouse Christian Athletics is a homeschool athletics group that is based in Springfield.

It has quickly developed a prestigious football program.

“I don’t think I’ve met a player who played for us and switched, went to a school or something that once you play here, you really you’re a stay,” LCA senior Jake Miller said.

Former Kansas City Chief Brett Williams has been the head coach for the Chargers for three seasons. His team fields players as near as Springfield and as far as Willow Springs, Jeff City and Fulton.

“I couldn’t do it, but they just love, love the organization and they love football and they make the commitment, and it’s crazy,” Miller said.

“We got guys driving, you know, 2 hours plus every night, you know, for practice, it’s it’s a different kind of dedication just because there’s not that many high school football teams,” LCA quarterback Lucas Meier said.

“As long as they’re home schooled, they can they can play football for us,” Williams said. “But we’re just thankful that, you know, we can provide an opportunity for home school kids to play football.”

The Chargers are reigning NHFA national champions and they are currently the second ranked team in the country. They are 2-0 this season with wins against Pierce City and Ash Grove.

Marionville providing a different level of challenges and motivation.

“The whole homeschool kids roll in and sometimes probably don’t get some of the respect we deserve,” Meier said. “So, you know, we always play a little bit of a chip on my shoulder, but it’s no different.”

“I think, you know, for a long time, you know, people look at home schoolers like, you know, less than I guess,” Williams said. “And so I think our guys kind of carry that chip on their shoulder and every game they go into against public schools.”

The Chargers are doing it all without facilities that a majority of public high schools enjoy. Typically, athletes just lift weights at a local gym in their hometown.

They’ll kickoff week three in a battle of undefeateds as the Chargers head to Marionville.