NIXA, Mo. — Most golfers don’t know the feeling of winning a tournament.

Landon Nichols knows the feeling. He’s only done it 79 times.

“My PE teacher just told me I’m the most competitive that she’s ever had and she’s a teacher for like 15 years,” Nichols said.

With the trophies from all over to back it up, Nichols has already achieved a lot in sports. And he’s only 11-years-old.

“It’s really fun. I like playing and I come out here mostly every day to play because it’s fun,” Nichols said.

Not allowed to drive the golf cart yet, Landon likes a different kind of driving out at Fremont Hills.

“A little left but I think it’s good. (In the fairway right,?) Yup in the fairway,” he said after firing a drive on 10.

In the five or so years of playing competitive golf, it’s taken him across the country.

“Oh, I’ve been to North Carolina and for Pinehurst,” Nichols recalled. “And then I’ve been to Indiana and then Iowa and Arkansas and Kansas City and here.”

He’s met some legendary golfers.

“That was with Jack Nicklaus a long time ago,” he said pointing to a picture on his trophy rack. “I got his autograph. He’s my favorite player.”

And has seen some legendary courses.

“(Monday at the 2022 Masters) We got a lot of autographs and we watched Tiger Woods first appearance.”

This week, it takes him to West Lafayette, In. It’s the Indiana Regional as part of the Notah Begay III junior golf national championship.

“I’m going in Indiana to play. If I can win this regional, I can go to the world tournament in Louisiana and there’s only ten players and I’ll be on TV,” Nichols said.

Playing on national TV, just like those that he looks up to.

“Really fun. I really want to play there,” he said with a smile.

Nichols, who will be in sixth grade this fall, is keeping the game fun.

While keeping his dreams, big.

“To play on the PGA Tour, probably,” Nichols said. “I’m just hoping I can do that. I just need to work hard.”

Nichols is slated to tee-off on Thursday at 9:50 am.