Side Kick Dog Training is dedicated to helping dog owners have the best relationship with their dog.  We use Daycare, Boarding, Training, and Grooming to make is easy for families to have a relaxed and enjoyable furry family member.  We do things differently here at Side Kick by having fun with a purpose in a structured safe environment.

Daycare can be a lifesaver for busy families.  Drop your dog off in the morning and our highly trained staff will exercise and work with your dog during the day.  After you have had a busy day you and your tired pup can relax through the evening.  A tired dog is a good dog because they aren't burning off energy finding mischief. We do play time different then many places in Springfield. Our play and socialization time allows your dog to choose the kind of fun they want to have.  Our staff divides the dogs into groups according to play style, size, and behavior.  If a dog doesn't want to play with other dogs it can receive extra time with the staff to relax or burn off energy around people.  Dogs that have not done well in other day care centers or have been "kicked out" for behavioral reasons can find a fun and inviting atmosphere at Side Kick.  We affectionately call some of our play groups "play therapy" because the dogs are learning how to have fun with other dogs and develop social skills that are important for real life. Dogs that are enjoying a "staycation" at Side Kick also receive play and social time.  Daily we open early and close later plus we offer Sunday evening pick up or drop off times.   

Side Kick helps families develop positive relationships with their dogs through education.  Using positive reinforcement base training methods families can learn to enjoy their furry side kick.  Begin the fun of training in a Positively Puppies Class or Refine Your Canine Class.  Then you can continue in our unique and exciting second level classes like Tricks Clicks and Come or Curious and Confident Canines.  Specialty classes like Dogs with a Job or MVP K9 Fitness help you reach your goals and keep training fresh.  Many families will use the daycare or boarding with additional training sessions to help their puppy learn even though the family is extra busy.

In home private lessons are tailored to your needs. We will cover your top priorities and offer suggestions for creative solutions to your specific issues. Misti Fry CPDT or Carrie Galvan CPDT will come to your home or meet you at Side Kick Academy. Popular private lesson topics include over the top bossy behavior, guarding toys or food, introduction of new puppy to resident dog, difficult potty training, children teaching the dog behaviors and all of the basic obedience.

Side Kick Dog Training is made up of a group of people who care and love teaching people about dogs. Misti Fry and Carrie Galvan are the Certified Professional Dog Trainers running the company, but they cannot do it alone. Our lead instructors, assistants and apprentices are just as dedicated and love helping students train their fluffy family members.