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Which fidget popper game is best?

Did you know that the immensely satisfying fidget popper toys are now available as board games? Fidget popper games are quickly gaining popularity these days. They combine the sensory play of a fidget toy with the rules and structure of a strategy game. They are tactile, educational and available in fun rainbow colors (just like their fidget toy counterparts). Take a look at the Power Your Fun Puzzle Popper Fidget Game for a game that is really three games in one.

What to know before you buy a fidget popper game

Types of fidget popper games 

While most fidget popper games are designed for children 3 years old and up, they can be fun for the whole family. The most popular versions of these games focus on either bubble popping or puzzling.

  • Bubble popping: Each player or team rolls the dice and presses down the corresponding number of bubbles. The first team to push all bubbles down on their side wins the round. Up to three rounds can be played before a winner is declared. 
  • Puzzle: Each puzzle game usually has more than one way to play, and there’s typically an emphasis on hand-eye coordination and problem-solving skills. It comes with multiple pieces in assorted geometric shapes. 


A multiplayer fidget popper game comes in several sizes. The average board or game size is around 12 inches by 7 inches. Some get as big as 15 inches by 15 inches in size, while smaller, more portable options measure about 6 inches by 4 inches in size. In most cases, the smaller games tend to be easier to use but might not hold a child’s attention for as long as some of the larger sets. 

Number of pieces

A lot of fidget popper games, especially multiplayer games, come with multiple pieces. At the very least, there is a game board and a set of dice. Some of the games function as puzzles and can come with up to 30 silicone pieces. Games with lots of pieces require more clean-up and are harder to travel with. Keep in mind, most fidget popper games do not come with an official box or storage bag. 

What to look for in a quality fidget popper game

Multiple ways to play

A great fidget popper game isn’t just one game, it’s several games that only require one board. Like a deck of cards, it can be used more than one way, which makes for longer and more engaging play. It’s twice the value with less clutter.

Straightforward instructions

One of the biggest drawbacks to fidget popper games is that not all of them come with instructions. Some list instructions on the online buying page but don’t include instructions with the game that arrives at your home. This means you have to refer to the internet every time you have a question or print the instructions so that you can refer to the rules. A really well-thought-out fidget popper game doesn’t require this kind of fuss. It either comes with instructions or is easy enough to play that everything is self-explanatory.


One of the benefits of silicone is that it is extremely flexible. As a result, most fidget popper games can fold up for storage or travel. The best fidget popper games fold succinctly and stay folded without sliding open or falling apart once you’ve stored them.

How much you can expect to spend on a fidget popper game

A fidget popper game costs $8-$25, but most of them cost around $10.

Fidget popper game FAQ

What is a fidget popper game made out of?

A. The game board is constructed from silicone, which makes it durable, bendable and waterproof.

What is a strategy game?

A. Strategy games put the emphasis on planning ahead and analytical thinking in order to win. Checkers and chess are both strategy games.

Are dice included?

A. While not all fidget popper games require dice, those that do usually come with dice. If the game doesn’t come with dice or you lose them, they are easy to replace with any standard dice

Can the fidget popper game board go in the dishwasher? 

A. Technically, the silicone board can go in the dishwasher, but that is more trouble than it’s worth. To clean the board, just wipe it down with a little soap and water.

What’s the best fidget popper game to buy?

Top fidget popper game

Power Your Fun Puzzle Popper Fidget Game

Power Your Fun Puzzle Popper Fidget Game

What you need to know: This silicone board is 9.8 inches by 6.6 inches and comes with 27 jigsaw pieces. Additionally, it can be played three ways. 

What you’ll love: There are three STEM puzzle games that can be played with this set. The pieces are soft and colorful. The base comes in black, blue or red. Instructions are included. It’s fun for kids and adults.

What you should consider: There are a lot of pieces, but it does not come with a carrying case.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top fidget popper game for the money

Hasoar Fidget Rainbow Board Game

Hasoar Fidget Rainbow Board Game

What you need to know: This silicone two-player board game is 12.8 inches by 7.5 inches, and it includes 126 poppers and dice. 

What you’ll love: It is big and features a vivid array of rainbow-inspired colors. It’s well-constructed, fun to play and easy to learn. 

What you should consider: It does not come in a game box, and instructions are not included.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Milestar Big Pop Fidget Game

Milestar Big Pop Fidget Game

What you need to know: This four-player silicone board game has 140 poppers and four dice.

What you’ll love: It accommodates twice as many players as most fidget popper games. It also comes in a fan-shaped design instead of the standard rectangular or circular format. It’s double-sided. One side is blue and green, while the other is purple and pink. 

What you should consider: Instructions are not included.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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