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Which ‘Bluey’ playset is best?

If your child loves the animated show “Bluey,” you will appreciate the chance to engage their imagination in play and make-believe with a “Bluey” playset. There are sets that depict many popular aspects of the show, from the beloved Heeler family home to adventure sets such as surfing and backyard picnics. For a set you can build on, the “Bluey” Family Home Playset With Poseable Figure is the best.

What to know before you buy a ‘Bluey’ playset


Most “Bluey” playsets use a 2.5-inch scale for characters. You can add accessories and figures that will all be compatible. Larger toys are also available for younger children who may not be ready for action figure sets. Just keep in mind that the larger ones may not be able to be integrated easily into group play with the playsets.


The four main “Bluey” characters are Bluey; her sister, Bingo; Mom and Dad. These are included in most of the basic playsets, such as the Family Home set. You can also collect Bluey and her school-friend characters. Finally, there are extended family, such as cousins, that can be added to your child’s collection. All of the characters in the playsets feature in the cartoon. Consider which are your child’s favorites when picking out a playset.


Some “Bluey” playsets are used to create scenes, such as the Heeler home or Bluey’s school. Others can be added to these scenes to build additional ways to play, such as the ice cream cart or park playset. While the larger scene playsets are more expensive, you can always add smaller accessories later for more engagement.

What to look for in a quality ‘Bluey’ playset


Like any children’s toy, “Bluey” playsets can have small accessory pieces that are easily lost. If your child is still too young to reliably keep track of their own toys, look for a playset that folds up for convenient storage. This will help your child learn the skills needed to clean up after themselves as well as keep the pieces easy to find.

Posable figures 

The best toys are ones your child can actively manipulate to use their imagination. Look for a playset that includes posable figures. This often means their legs and arms move and their head turns. If the legs fold up, your child can pose the figures to sit on furniture accessories or the “Bluey” school bus. 

Open-ended play

Quality toys for children engage their imaginations and let them create their own worlds for play. “Bluey” playsets provide a framework using the characters and settings your child knows from the show; your child can create situations and games using the figures. Look for a set that includes multiple figures for the most opportunities to create adventures, just like on the show.

How much you can expect to spend on a ‘Bluey’ playset

They cost $12-$90. Smaller sets with fewer accessories or figures are the least expensive while sets that include buildings, such as the house or school, are the most expensive.

‘Bluey’ playset FAQ

What does the ‘Bluey’ house come with?

A. One of the most popular playsets is the Heeler house. It features prominently in the show and all children who love “Bluey” are familiar with both the house and Bluey’s family. Some “Bluey” house playsets come with a Bluey figure as well as some furniture. Larger sets have all four members of the Heeler family and a barbecue accessory set.

What age is ‘Bluey’ aimed at?

A. The “Bluey” show is designed for young elementary students, from 5 to 7 years old. The toys are ideal for the same age group, although younger children will enjoy supervised play. The character figures are 2.5 inches tall, and some accessories are slightly smaller. The playsets are recommended for children ages 3 and up.

What’s the best ‘Bluey’ playset to buy?

Top ‘Bluey’ playset

Best Bluey Family Home Playset With Poseable Figure

“Bluey” Family Home Playset With Poseable Figure

What you need to know: This playset comes with a 2.5-inch-tall Bluey and nine pieces of furniture for plenty of interaction.

What you’ll love: The patio folds up to store the furniture pieces while the roof has a carrying handle. There is enough room to add other character figures as well as accessory pieces to the fold-out patio.

What you should consider: This set only comes with one character, Bluey.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top ‘Bluey’ playset for the money

Best Bluey And Friends Four-Pack Of Poseable Figures

Bluey and Friends Four-Pack of Poseable Figures

What you need to know: If you only want to get a small set with the essential “Bluey” characters, the four figures of the Heeler family are the best.

What you’ll love: The show depicts the Heeler family, 2.5 to 3 inches tall, playing together and using their imaginations. Your child will be able to do the same thing with the characters they love and other items in their toy box or around the house. Because they are compatible with bigger playsets, you can add to your “Bluey” collection over time.

What you should consider: This set only comes with characters and does not include accessories.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Best Bluey Ultimate Caravan Adventures

“Bluey” Ultimate Caravan Adventures

What you need to know: It includes three 2.5-inch characters as well as accessories allowing multiple children to play at one time.

What you’ll love: A lot of accessories are included for the price, such as a camper that opens up for added play, camping equipment, a four-wheel-drive vehicle that can hold the two surfboards that come with it, and a picnic table. The set even comes with stickers your child can put on the camper or play with later.

What you should consider: This set has a lot of small accessories that might get lost.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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