Which is better, Innova or Prodigy disc golf discs?


Disc golf is a flying disc sport played worldwide by people of all ages. Unlike other sports, disc golf doesn’t require running, jumping or physical contact, making it a relatively relaxing way to spend an afternoon. If you’re interested in playing, you’ve likely already heard of Innova and Prodigy, two of the most popular disc brands. Still, each brand has pros and cons worth considering before deciding which discs to buy.

Innova disc golf discs

Innova is the most popular disc golf brand, with over 90 discs available. Innova has been around since 1983, when Dave Dunipace designed the first disc specifically for disc golf. This brand is known for innovative discs meant to curve right, curve left, travel straight or stop entirely upon impact. Many Innova discs feature translucent “candy plastic” designs. Innova discs typically cost around $11 to $20 for a single disc, although you can buy sets of three or more and pay less per disc.

Innova disc golf disc pros

  • There is a wide range of discs.
  • Innova is a trusted brand known for producing quality discs.
  • In many cases, you can buy discs in sets of three or more.
  • Innova discs often have exciting designs.
  • Many Innova discs are “stable,” meaning they’re designed to fly straight.
  • Innova has numerous disc golf baskets, bags and other equipment.

Innova disc golf disc cons

  • Although Innova has numerous long-range drivers, many don’t fly as far as discs from other brands.
  • Some Innova discs don’t give players precise weights and sizes.
  • There is some inconsistency in the way the discs fly. For example, an Archangel disc made in 2018 may fly slightly differently than an Archangel made in 2022.

Best Innova disc golf discs

Innova Disc Golf Five-Disc Starter Set

Innova Disc Golf Five-Disc Starter Set

This set comes with a special edition mini disc ideal for marking where your shots land. This includes a variety of midrange discs, distance drivers and putters, making it excellent for beginners. Many users felt this set was a great bang for their buck.

Sold by Amazon

Innova Champion DX Archangel

Innova Champion DX Archangel

Although you don’t get to choose the disc’s color, you can guarantee you’ll receive a disc with an interesting design. This disc is ideal for players that want to learn to throw a hyzer flip shot.

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Innova Disc Golf Three-Disc Set

Innova Disc Golf Three-Disc Set

This includes one driver, one mid-range disc and one putter. The included Aviar is one of the most popular discs available. Most people felt this was an excellent disc golf starter set.

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Prodigy disc golf discs

Prodigy is a relatively new brand of discs that have managed to gain a lot of notoriety in a short amount of time. This brand released its first line of discs in 2013 and now has over 30 discs available. Although Prodigy isn’t as popular as Innova, many avid disc golfers own at least one Prodigy disc.

Prodigy disc golf disc pros

  • Prodigy discs follow an easy-to-understand naming convention. Each disc’s name is a single letter representing the type of disc followed by a single number representing how stable the disc is.
  • These discs come in a range of colors, including candy-plastic colors.
  • These discs consistently fly the same way.
  • Many Prodigy discs feature unique rims and plastic, making them easier to hold and throw.

Prodigy disc golf disc cons

  • Although the naming convention is helpful, many people find it boring.
  • The discs don’t feature exciting designs.
  • Prodigy discs can be harder to find than Innova discs.

Best Prodigy disc golf discs

Prodigy Disc 400 Series H3 V2

Prodigy Disc 400 Series H3 V2

This disc is an excellent choice for weaving your throws through wooded areas, as it can travel straight, left or right, depending on how you throw it. Depending on the power you put into your throw, this disc can range from stable to over-stable. This disc is ideal for backhand and sidearm throwers.

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Prodigy Disc Ace Line Base Grip P Model S

Prodigy Disc Ace Line Base Grip P Model S

The unique rim on this disc makes it easier to grip. Most people felt this disc consistently flew straight when they threw it.

Sold by Amazon

Innova vs. Prodigy FAQ

Is disc golf growing in popularity?

A. Due to the accessibility and affordability of disc golf, it has grown immensely popular throughout the pandemic. People looking to get out of their homes simply needed a distance driver and a putter to go to their local park and play disc golf for free.

Is disc golf played like regular golf?

A. Disc golf’s rules are similar to traditional golf. Players throw flying discs at a basket to make it in under the basket’s par. Courses typically have nine to 18 holes, and whoever has the lowest number of throws wins at the end of the game.

Is disc golf harder than golf?

A. Disc golf can be tricky, but most people who have played both sports agree that traditional golf is more complex than disc golf.

Who started Prodigy?

A. Several world-class disc golf players founded Prodigy. After creating their first run of discs, Prodigy distributed the discs to numerous professional players, such as Catrina Allen, Paige Pierce and Jeremy Koling. The players were considered founding members and were allowed to help Prodigy design future discs. Before Prodigy was started in 2013, there were only a few disc golf brands.

Should you get Innova disc golf discs or Prodigy disc golf discs?

Innova is an excellent brand for new and experienced disc golfers. They have an enormous selection of discs with interesting designs and can be purchased in sets if you want to save money. Prodigy is less popular but has a great selection of discs that many avid players love. Neither brand is necessarily better than the other, and most players like to carry a wide selection of discs from various brands.

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