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What to look for in a speed parachute

If you’re looking for a quick, effective and cheap way to boost speed, power and overall athleticism, a speed chute is just what you need. And unlike many pieces of fitness equipment, a speed chute doesn’t have to be expensive to be effective. Spending $10-$30 will get you what you need.

What is a speed chute?

A speed chute is a small parachute attached to a harness that’s strapped around a runner’s waist. The chute trails behind the athlete, trapping air to maximize resistance during the three phases of sprinting: acceleration, transition and top-end speed. 

This forces the muscles involved to work harder, developing a sprinter’s ability to produce strength and power. Ultimately, this increases overall speed and improves technique.

Benefits of speed chutes

You use speed chutes to develop explosive power in your legs and core, improving both athletic capabilities and muscle tone. The added resistance produced during sprints also makes your heart and lungs work harder, increasing overall fitness. 

Athletes often use speed chutes in sports that require powerful legs, such as football, sprinting, soccer, baseball and basketball. Speed chutes are inexpensive and can be used by almost anyone with access to the outdoors.

How to use a speed chute

While speed chutes are great for developing speed, they can cause serious injury if not used the right way. To use a speed chute correctly, you need to:

  • Find the right size chute
  • Know how to put the chute on
  • Use the correct technique

What size of chute do you need?

Speed chutes typically come in sizes small, medium or large. 

  • Small chutes are appropriate for kids or small athletes because they produce a very low level of resistance.
  • Medium chutes produce up to 30 pounds of resistance, making them ideal for almost any size athlete.
  • Large chutes produce up to 35 pounds of resistance, so they suit more competitive or developed athletes. 

Smaller beginner athletes should not use large chutes, as the resistance level can result in injuries and bruising from the waist belt.

How to wear a speed chute correctly

  1. Apply the harness loosely around your waist. Make sure the belt’s metal ring sits at the side of your waist.
  2. Secure the belt.
  3. Pick up the chute line and clip it on the harness ring. 
  4. Rotate the harness around your waist until the chute is directly in the middle of your back.
  5. Make sure the belt is tightly secured to reduce friction while you run. 

How to use your speed chute

After the speed chute is on, simply sprint forward in a straight line. The parachute will lift up behind you to create resistance. 

It’s extremely important that you don’t use the parachute in windy conditions or close to any obstacles such as trees or bushes on which the parachute might snag. Ideally, you would use the chute in a wide open space on a flat surface, such as a football field or running track. 

Some chutes have rotating rings that move around the waist harness, depending on your running direction. This lets you use the chute to create resistance during side-to-side speed drills or even running backward. Other chutes have a parachute release button, creating an out-the-cannon effect that can let you perform varied speed drills.

Best cheap speed chutes

Best Sklz Speed Chute Resistance Parachute

Sklz Speed Chute Resistance Parachute

This speed chute provides 360-degree rotation, so you can leverage resistance while running in any direction. The quick-release function lets your perform out-of-the-cannon drills to dramatically improve your speed in the shortest time possible.

Sold by Amazon and Dick’s Sporting Goods

Best BulletShaker Running Speed Training Parachute

BulletShaker Running Speed Training Parachute

This 48-inch chute is great for beginner, smaller or younger athletes aiming to improve strength and conditioning. The built-in mesh panel helps stabilize the chute while running, consistently producing 15 to 20 pounds of resistance.

Sold by Amazon

Best Forza Resistance Speed Chute

Forza Resistance Speed Chute

The is the best chute to develop speed, power and stamina for more advanced athletes. Not only can this chute create 48 pounds of resistance, it’s comfortable to wear and comes with a drawstring carry bag so you can bring it to training.

Sold by Amazon

Best Anpopo Bfsmile Running Speed Training Chute

Anpopo Bfsmile Running Speed Training Chute

This chute can create up to 33 pounds of resistance, making it great for athletes who may be new to speed chute training. The nylon belt is highly durable and padded for comfort. It can be adjusted between 20- to 42-inch waist sizes, meaning almost anyone can use it.

Sold by Amazon

Best Ylucky Resistance Parachute

Ylucky Resistance Parachute

This chute provides up to 35 pounds of resistance and improves both the length and frequency of runners’ strides. This makes it ideal for athletics such as field and track as it promotes explosive speed and stamina.

Sold by Amazon

Best Kuyou 2-Umbrella Speed Chute

Kuyou 2-Umbrella Speed Chute

Built for highly competitive and developed athletes, this produces a whopping 50 pounds of pressure and has features that let speed be improved in all sprint phases, including a free-motion ring and a quick release for out-the-cannon training.

Sold by Amazon

Best Sumind Speed Chute

Sumind Speed Chute

This is great for both beginners and more advanced athletes, as it can produce 11 to 33 pounds of resistance. The harness is super comfortable, and resistance can vary depending on speed, making it ideal for runners looking to improve endurance.

Sold by Amazon

Best BlueDot Training Speed Training Resistance

BlueDot Training Speed Training Resistance

This is excellent for beginners who train in mild, non-windy conditions. The high-quality material and carry bag, coupled with an adjustable belt, make it great for athletes looking to boost overall strength and conditioning.

Sold by Amazon


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