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Which Sheba cat food is best?

Whether your cat lounges in the sun of a window all day long or prefers to bask on an outdoor patio, the food it eats has to meet all of its nutritional needs. Your feline companion is an obligate carnivore who needs real meat in its diet to thrive, so why waste time feeding cat food that is mostly filler, artificial flavors and meat by-products?

The Sheba Perfect Portions Bistro Chicken in Alfredo Sauce has the great ingredients you want for your cat and delicious, meaty taste that your cat craves.

What to know before you buy Sheba cat food

Food consistency

Sheba specializes in wet cat food. But not all cat food has the same consistency. Sheba’s four lines of food have different textures to satisfy the preference of even the pickiest eater.

  • Bistro: Bistro meals have a meaty, chewy texture that cats love. It comes basted in gravy.
  • Premium pates: Premium pates are smooth and easy to eat. No chewing is required, which means they are great for kittens and senior cats.
  • Cuts in gravy: Some cats prefer to try out their teeth on something a little meatier. Cuts in gravy provide more opportunities to chew.
  • Garden medleys: Garden medleys options have a texture somewhere between pates and bistro meals. It’s a good transition food for kittens.

How much food cats need

Sheba cat food comes in single-serving trays with 2.6 ounces in each. Some cats may need more than one serving for each meal, while others do just fine with one tray.

What to look for in a quality Sheba cat food

Single-serving trays

Single-serving trays for Sheba cat food mean no messy leftovers. You don’t need to figure out how to store a stinky can of cat food in your refrigerator anymore.

Safe and healthy food

Unlike other brands of cat food, Sheba has never had a recall for adverse illnesses or injuries. You can feel confident that what you are giving your feline friend is safe.

Many Sheba cat foods are also free from wheat, corn or soy, and all of them have no artificial flavors, colors or ingredients.

Sustainable ingredients

As of 2021, Sheba is committed to using only 100% sustainably sourced fish. This commitment to the environment means that your cat will have fish for many years to come.

Extra hydration

Sheba wet cat food provides the extra hydration your cat needs. This is especially important during the summer months or if you live in a year-round warmer climate. Gravy-covered entrees in particular are good for cats who need more liquids in their diet.


Just like people, cats enjoy a variety in their diet. This includes everything from the texture of their food to its flavor. Sheba offers variety packs to shake things up at meal times.

Even if your cat eats dry food regularly, topping their ration with wet food is a nice treat from time to time.

How much you can expect to spend on Sheba cat food

The price varies slightly across the different product lines but not by much. Expect to spend 80 cents-$1 per serving.

Sheba cat food FAQ

How do you transition a cat to a new food?

A. To avoid digestive upset and to make sure that your cat likes their new food, take time to slowly transition them.

  • Slowly swap some of the new food for the old — a teaspoon or less per feeding.
  • Aim for swapping out no more than 25% for the first few days, then gradually increase the amount of new food.
  • Do not provide human food or treats during this process.
  • Go slowly. This process should take at least a week.

Does Sheba make cat treats?

A. Yes. Their Meaty Tender Sticks product line is made with real meat and comes in three flavors: chicken, salmon and tuna.

Adult cats can enjoy one stick per day, either whole or broken up into pieces. These are great for teaching your cat tricks.

What’s the best Sheba cat food to buy?

Top Sheba cat food

Best Sheba cat food Sheba Perfect Portions Bistro Chicken in Alfredo Sauce

Sheba Perfect Portions Bistro Chicken in Alfredo Sauce

What you need to know: This is perfect for the kitty who needs a little more encouragement to eat.

What you’ll love: This contains 24 trays of two servings each. It is good for indoor or outdoor adult cats. This food has no grain, corn or artificial coloring, flavors or preservatives. This line of Sheba food comes in 12 different flavors.

What you should consider: A common issue with all Sheba food is the struggle to get the small tray open. People with mobility issues or hand pain may have a hard time.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Chewy

Top Sheba cat food for the money

Best Sheba cat food Sheba Perfect Portions Wet Cat Food Variety Pack

Sheba Perfect Portions Wet Cat Food Variety Pack

What you need to know: This is perfect for cats who prefer the smooth texture of pate.

What you’ll love: This 48-serving case comes in three flavors: savory chicken, roasted turkey and tender beef entrees. It contains no grains, corn, wheat or soy. It’s great for cats of all ages.

What you should consider: Some pet owners wanted more sauce with this pate.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Best Sheba cat food Sheba Perfect Portions Soft Cuts in Gravy Gourmet Variety Pack

Sheba Perfect Portions Soft Cuts in Gravy Gourmet Variety Pack

What you need to know: If your cat prefers larger chunks of food, this variety pack will satisfy that need.

What you’ll love: High-quality protein is served with a rich gravy to tempt your kitty. This comes in three flavors: salmon, signature tuna and delicate whitefish and tuna entrees. This food works for older kittens and adult and senior cats.

What you should consider: This may not be a good choice for cats with a history of urinary tract blockages.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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