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Which hair accessory for dogs is best?

Are you looking for the perfect set of hair accessories to spruce up your dog’s look or dress them up for a special occasion? Hair accessories for dogs come in a wide range of different colors, sizes and shapes to match the build, fur and personality of your dog. The Thoughtful Brand Dog Bows with Rubber Bands, for example, come in several different colors to match the mood and style of your dog.

What to know before you buy a hair accessory for dogs

Multipack amount

Most dog hair accessories, including hair bands and bows, come in multipacks, which range from just a few accessories up to 50 in a pack. Buy a large multipack if your dog tends to chew or shake off their clothing or accessories so you don’t need to continue buying new hair bows.

Rubber bands vs. clips

Some dog hair accessories attach with a rubber band that secures the hair bow to your pet by tying it around a lock of fur, while others attach with a clip onto their fur. One style might fit your pet more comfortably and securely than another style, depending on the thickness and texture of their hair.


The fit and comfort level of the dog hair accessories are even more important than the appearance. Make sure that the accessories are comfortably secured in your pet’s fur without pulling or tearing at their coat. Coats that are very delicate might need a softer rubber band application, while thick coats can typically tolerate hair clips. 

Watch out for signs that your dog is uncomfortable with the accessories, including rolling on the ground, whining, trying to paw off the hair bow or shaking their coat, and either adjust it or remove the bow altogether.

What to look for in a quality hair accessory for dogs

Patterns and colors

Most sets of dog hair accessories include a wide range of different patterns and colors. That being said, you might have difficulty finding a set of hair accessories that come in a specific pattern or a particular color palette, so keep that in mind.

Topknots and bows

Dog hair accessories typically come in either a bow or topknot. Bows for dogs look similar to bowties, while topknots are round and tie to the hair on the top of their head, which helps keep the fur out of your dog’s face. There is not much of a practical difference between bows and topknots, so making a choice between the two options really comes down to your personal style.

Rhinestones and pearls

Many hair accessories for dogs feature shiny and sparkly elements, such as faux rhinestones and pearls. These elements are beautiful and can add an appealing visual touch to any hair accessory. That being said, they can also easily fall off, based on the model. Make sure to read some consumer reviews to see if customers say that these rhinestones and pearls hold up to rough play and stay on well.

How much you can expect to spend on a hair accessory for dogs

Hair accessory sets for dogs range in price from about $5-$20, depending on the quantity, quality, features and materials of the accessories.

Hair accessories for dogs FAQ

Do hair accessories work for short-haired dogs?

A. Unfortunately, the attaching mechanisms of both rubber band and clip-on hair accessories don’t work well on short-haired dogs. There must be enough fur on your dog for the tie or clip to comfortably attach without pulling too much on your dog’s skin. That being said, rubber band hair ties typically work better than clips do for short-haired dogs, since hair clips need a lot of fur to properly attach to your dog.

Can your large dog wear hair accessories?

A. There’s no reason you can’t place bows and other hair accessories on your dog, as long as they have enough fur to wear them. Keep in mind that most of these hair accessories are created specifically for small- to medium-sized dogs, so they might look too small on very big dogs.

What’s the best hair accessory for dogs to buy?

Top hair accessory for dogs

The Thoughtful Brand Dog Bows with Rubber Bands

The Thoughtful Brand Dog Bows with Rubber Bands

What you need to know: These well-constructed bows come in several different colors to match the mood and style of your dog.

What you’ll love: This product includes a pack of 25 pairs, as well as a bonus comb for placing the finishing touches on your dog’s fur. There is an excellent attention to detail, with matching thread and quality stitching. The well-crafted bows also come in a rainbow of colors.

What you should consider: The attached rubber bands are too difficult and small to put into place.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top hair accessory for dogs for the money

ComSmart Dog Bows

ComSmart Dog Bows

What you need to know: This product includes plenty of bows in a diverse array of styles at a reasonable price.

What you’ll love: This comprehensive set includes 30 total pairs of bows with reasonably durable rubber bands and lace for developing frilly styles for your dog. The large kit also comes with an excellent variety of patterns and colors.

What you should consider: Some of these bows have embellishments that easily fall off.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

YagoPet Bows or Topknot Mix

YagoPet Bows or Topknot Mix

What you need to know: This hair accessory set for dogs earns acclaim for the style and outstanding variety.

What you’ll love: This pack of 50 bows comes in many bright colors and a number of styles, including flower shapes, lace, embellishments and more. Dog owners love how adorable their pets look wearing these bows.

What you should consider: The faux pearls and stones easily fall off of the bows or topknots. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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