How to throw a great pool party

As the warmer months approach, you might be thinking about throwing a pool party for your friends and family. A great pool party is something everyone will be talking about all summer, so it’s worth pulling out all the stops to make it memorable.

It takes a lot of thought and preparation to plan a great pool party, so you should get the details squared away as soon as possible. Once you have the date, time and guest list solidified, you just need to gather some great food and party favors.

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What to consider when hosting a pool party

Find a venue

If you’re lucky enough to have your own pool or know someone with a pool, you have the most important aspect of your party set. Otherwise, you’ll need to find a pool to host your party.

Send invites

Since everyone uses the internet, sending e-invites for a pool party is perfectly acceptable. If you’re only inviting close friends and family members, a simple text message or email with the details is fine. If you want to create a more elaborate invite for kids’ parties or large gatherings, consider using a colorful mail invitation.

Provide the essentials

Hosts should provide the essentials at any pool party. Ideally, you should provide sunscreen and enough towels for all your guests to have at least one for each person. If you’re throwing a large party and there’s no way you can provide enough towels, just make sure your guests know to bring their own.

Serve food and drink

Guests may not expect a full meal at a pool party, but you should still provide an array of snacks. Since you’ll be out in the sun, make sure you have plenty of soft drinks and water available to keep guests well-hydrated. If you are serving alcoholic drinks, stick to weaker beverages, such as wine and beer. Remember, swimming pools and excessive drinking don’t mix.

Think about pool safety

If you plan on having both kids and adults present at your pool party, you can remind parents that they are responsible for their children’s safety. However, if you’re throwing a kids-only pool party, it’s a good idea to have a lifeguard present or a designated adult who can keep a close watch on the pool at all times.

Consider what’s happening outside the pool

While the pool is undeniably the star of the show, you should have some activities for people who don’t want to swim or want to take a break from the water. Games like swingball, volleyball and giant Jenga appeal to most age groups. If there isn’t natural shade around the pool, you should create a few shady spots for your guests with patio umbrellas or shade sails. Make sure you have plenty of seating available, whether it’s on pool loungers, patio chairs or outdoor floor cushions scattered on the ground.

Best pool party essentials

best Supergoop! Play Everyday Sunscreen

Supergoop! Play Everyday Sunscreen

This broad-spectrum SPF 50+ sunscreen is the perfect product to keep your guests safe from sunburns. It is strong enough for kids’ delicate skin and is water-resistant too.

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best Kaufman Oversized Cotton Beach Towels

Kaufman Oversized Cotton Beach Towels

These are ideal if you need to stock up on towels for your guests. Large and absorbent, these towels are available in six colors: pink, orange, green, purple and two shades of blue.

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best Eco Soul Disposable Palm Leaf Plates

Eco Soul Disposable Palm Leaf Plates

For the environmentally conscious, these plates are an earth-friendly alternative to disposable plastic plates. They’re also more rigid than paper plates, so there will be fewer spills and stains.

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best Ball Recyclable Aluminum Cups

Ball Recyclable Aluminum Cups

Forgo plastic cups and opt for these aluminum cups instead. They’re sturdy enough for one cup to last through the whole party. Additionally, they are easier to recycle than plastic or paper cups.

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Best pool party decorations

best Tiki Homespun Outdoor Torch

Tiki Homespun Outdoor Torch

These outdoor torches provide light and create ambiance if your pool party keeps going after the sun goes down. They are made from bamboo and have a burn time of up to five hours.

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best Creative Converting Water Print Plastic Tablecloth

Creative Converting Water Print Plastic Tablecloth

Designed to look like water in a pool, this is a great tablecloth for a kids’ party. It is just what you need to spruce up patio furniture and can protect your table from an impressive birthday buffet.

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best PartyWoo Crepe Paper Streamers

PartyWoo Crepe Paper Streamers

If you want to decorate the area around the pool, crepe paper streamers are an eco-friendly option you can use in various ways to make creative decorations.

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Best pool floats and inflatables

best Sloosh 4 Pack Inflatable Pool Floats

Sloosh 4 Pack Inflatable Pool Floats

These adorable pool floats look like a kiwi, a watermelon, an orange and a lemon. While they’re great for kids, they’re also suitable for small adults, so they’re ideal for mixed-age parties.

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best Jasonwell Inflatable Avocado Pool Float

Jasonwell Inflatable Avocado Pool Float

Shaped like a giant avocado, this float is perfect for adults and kids to lounge on in the pool. The pit of the avocado doubles as a beach ball, providing your guests with an extra source of fun.

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best Intex Inflatable Ride-On Flamingo

Intex Inflatable Ride-On Flamingo

Large enough to fit teenagers and adults, this huge inflatable flamingo is a fun addition to any pool party. It is sturdy and has two handles for support.

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