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What are the best work-friendly gifts for an office gift exchange?

Most offices have special traditions during the holiday season. One of the more popular ones is a gift exchange, though how the gifts are exchanged varies. For example, you could do a secret Santa swap or play a white elephant game. Regardless, trying to find the perfect gift that’s acceptable for your office can be challenging. On top of the usual complications, such as price limits and appropriateness, comes the challenge of finding appropriate gifts for those that work from home.

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Price limit

Every office has a different policy regarding gift price limits. Some have no limit, but this is outside the ordinary. Instead, popular limits are $20-$50. However, offices in fields where income is high may have equally high limits, such as $100 or more.

Regardless of the limit, there are two pieces of etiquette to follow to avoid garnering a negative reputation. The first is simple; don’t go over the limit. The second is more nuanced; don’t go too far under the limit. 

How far under is too far under is fluid. For example, gifting a $5 keychain bottle opener when the limit is $50 or more seems too low, but if that keychain is personally relevant to the recipient, they may love it all the same. Unless you’re confident of your gift’s effect, try to spend at least half the limit.

Best gift ideas under $20

Best Be Good Company Executive Mini Sandbox - Beach Break

Be Good Company Executive Mini Sandbox – Beach Break

This cute miniature sandbox includes all the beach-going gear you need to pretend you’re sipping cold drinks in the shade of a resort instead of cold coffee on a Tuesday afternoon. Sold by Amazon and Macy’s

Best ExcelMark Self-Inking Novelty Message Stamp - Not My Job

ExcelMark Self-Inking Novelty Message Stamp – Not My Job

This stamp doesn’t need an ink base, instead using a built-in and replaceable ink pad. The “Not My Job” message is in red ink to help get your message across. Sold by Amazon

Best Funny Planner Publishing Novelty Notebook

Funny Planner Publishing Novelty Notebook

The cover of this standard notebook with lined pages says “Things I Want to Say in the Meeting but I Can’t.” It’s the next stage of evolution for “this should have been an email.” Sold by Amazon

Best Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer

Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer

The first few sips of a hot beverage are the nectar of the gods, but then it turns lukewarm and gross. This mug warmer helps maintain your coffee’s temperature, so every sip is heaven. Sold by Amazon

Best Post-It Pop-Up Note Dispenser

Post-It Pop-Up Note Dispenser

Post-It notes are the backbone of office work, but they can look a bit garish just lying on a desk by themselves. Post-It note dispensers like this cute cat one help organize and improve your workspace. Sold by Amazon and Staples

Best Stonehouse Collection Assorted Notepads

Stonehouse Collection Assorted Notepads

Each notepad in this four-piece collection has 50 lined pages and a funny phrase paired with an image at the top of each page. It also comes as an eight-piece set. Sold by Amazon

Best Toysmith Pin Art Fidget Distraction

Toysmith Pin Art Fidget Distraction

Pin art frames have long been a popular distraction for those in jobs with too much downtime. They can also help relax you as you check your infinite emails. This one is 3.75 by 5 inches. Sold by Amazon

Best gift ideas under $50

Best ComfiLife Footrest

ComfiLife Footrest

This footrest can be placed flat side down for a stable rest or placed curved side down for a rocking, fidget-happy rest. It also has a base to add some height to it. Sold by Amazon and Home Depot

Best Cosori Coffee Mug And Beverage Warmer Set

Cosori Coffee Mug and Beverage Warmer Set

This set warmer and mug set is perfect for that coworker with the old, chipped mug who likes to sip their drink slowly. It even has a lid for the mug to protect the contents. Sold by Amazon

Best CYXStar Pen Holder

CYXStar Pen Holder

This knight knows the pen is mightier when it comes to office work, despite you likely wishing you could take a sword to your boss. It comes in silver, blue and copper. Sold by Amazon

Best Jxdlsq Scented Candle Set

Jxdlsq Scented Candle Set

This set includes either eight, nine or 12 candles and makes a perfect gift for your work-at-home colleague. Some of the scents include lavender, various citruses and vanilla. Sold by Amazon

Best Mirakel Neck Massager

Mirakel Neck Massager

Hunching over a computer all day at the office is a recipe for pain, especially in the neck. This massager is especially good for its reasonable price. Sold by Amazon

Best Natico Decision Maker And Paper Weight

Natico Decision Maker and Paper Weight

This office-focused version of a magic 8-ball is exactly what your indecisive coworker needs to commit to sending that raise request or putting off their mountain of paperwork to file. Sold by Amazon

Best Niceeday Lumbar Support Pillow

Niceeday Lumbar Support Pillow

Lower back pain is a common result of sitting in the cheap chairs your office manager is forced to order to stay on budget. This support pillow has a side pocket and a removable cover for easy cleaning. Sold by Amazon

Best Sunterest Levitating Ballpoint Pen

Sunterest Levitating Ballpoint Pen

This gift triples as a functional pen that takes ordinary gel ink refills, a minimalistic desk decoration and a fidget toy. It comes in a simple but lovely box ready-made for gift wrapping. Sold by Amazon

Best gift ideas under $100

Best Cincom Hand Massager

Cincom Hand Massager

Typing or writing things all day can quickly wear out your hand and cause cramps. This massager aims to soothe those issues. It’s heated and has three modes and intensities. Sold by Amazon

Best Cuero Messenger Bag

Cuero Messenger Bag

This lovely leather bag is perfect for that person in the office who likes to bring all the comforts of home with them. It comes in three sizes. Sold by Amazon

Best Enso Sensory Japanese Zen Garden Desk Kit

Enso Sensory Japanese Zen Garden Desk Kit

This kit is perfect for your coworker that gets flustered or upset easily. It includes a bamboo tray and sphere holder, four spheres of varying designs, two tools and of course, sand. Sold by Amazon

Best Sweet Choice Care Package

Sweet Choice Care Package

This care package of snacks contains 120 individual bags of snacks of all kinds, from salty to sweet to savory. Get it for your coworker who’s always hitting the vending machine. Sold by Amazon

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