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Which ice cream mix is best?

Maybe you’re tired of all the standard ice cream flavors you can find in a grocery store. Maybe you have an idea for an insane mixture of flavor and add-ins to put Ben & Jerry’s to shame. Maybe you just want classic vanilla with a personalized amount of sugar. The best way to solve all of these issues and more is to grab yourself an ice cream maker and get yourself started with a good ice cream mix.

The best ice cream mix is the Junket Ice Cream Mix Bundle Vanilla and Chocolate Ice Cream Mix. This ice cream mix is highly respected for its delicious flavoring and a strong ability to turn out top-quality ice cream no matter what milk you use or extras you add.

What to know before you buy an ice cream mix


Unfortunately, making ice cream from scratch with a mix takes a bit of elbow grease or specialty equipment. You’re welcome to use a good old-fashioned hand whisk and put your mixed creation into the freezer and wait for up to 24 hours, but using an ice cream maker is often not just easier, but also far quicker. 

Hard ice cream vs. soft serve

Ice cream mixes are specially designed to be either soft serve or hard ice and the packaging will make it clear which type of ice cream it is meant to make. The difference is in the chemical freezing process, which changes based on the ingredients of the ice cream mix. Make sure you pick the correct mix for the ice cream that you desire and remember not to put hard ice cream into a soft-serve machine.

Mix vs. individual ingredients

The benefit of using an ice cream mix over putting all the ingredients together yourself is small but mighty. Aside from how easy it is, it also keeps messes to a minimum, is shelf-stable and you can even control your portions better.

What to look for in a quality ice cream mix


Ice cream mixes can have a very long and varied list of ingredients and it’s very rare to find two different mixes with the same list. There are some commonalities though like milk powder, cane sugar, and salt.

If you’re checking the ingredients due to dietary restrictions you might be in for a tough time. While there are certain special mixes that don’t contain lactose, sugar, or salt, they’re fairly rare and generally don’t taste all that good.


You’ll always be able to find the holy trinity of ice cream mix flavors: vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry. Besides these, you could also find mixes for mint, cherry, pistachio, and more. Don’t be afraid to use a standard ice cream mix as a base for fun flavor experimentation though.

How much you can expect to spend on an ice cream mix

Ice cream mix costs typically relate to how much quantity you buy with a minor plus or minus depending on quality or branding. The biggest quantities can be up to 10 pounds for between $25-$50, while the smallest packages will typically run between $2-$10. A nebulous midrange of quantity/quality packages runs between those price ranges.

Ice cream mix FAQ

How many calories are in a typical ice cream mix?

A. The nutritional information on ice cream mixes will show you two pieces of information: calories of the mix itself and estimated calories after being made into ice cream. The mix itself is straightforward and accurate, but the post-mixing calories don’t take into account the different kinds of milk you might use to make the ice cream.

I can use different kinds of milk? Not just whole milk?

A. Yep! Some common alternatives to whole milk are low- and fat-free varieties, as well as lactose-free milk like almond milk. Just know that the consistency of the ice cream will be different, as well as the flavor. Not every type of milk will produce good ice cream as well, so make a very small batch as a test before you go big.

What are the best ice cream mixes to buy?

Top ice cream mix

Junket Ice Cream Mix Bundle Vanilla and Chocolate Ice Cream Mix, 4 oz. Boxes (Pack of 4)

Junket Ice Cream Mix Bundle Vanilla and Chocolate Ice Cream Mix, 4 oz. Boxes (Pack of 4)

What you need to know: A highly consistent and delicious ice cream mix that is beloved by many.

What you’ll love: This ice cream mix is perfect for adding additional ingredients like fruits and butterscotch chips.

What you should consider: The powder inside the package can be very clumpy and difficult to break apart.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top ice cream mix for money

Triple Scoop Premium Vanilla Chocolate Chip

Triple Scoop Premium Vanilla Chocolate Chip

What you need to know: The bourbon Madagascar vanilla flavor mixes perfectly with semi-sweet chocolate.

What you’ll love: Non-GMO ingredients are used in this ice cream mix. It’s also very easy to prepare.

What you should consider: There are some who dislike the flavor of this ice cream mix.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Dole Pineapple Soft Serve Mix

Dole Pineapple Soft Serve Mix

What you need to know: The amount of mix available in this pineapple-flavored offering is quite large.

What you’ll love: This ice cream mix is surprisingly both gluten and dairy-free without affecting the great flavors available.

What you should consider: This is another set of ice cream mix where one’s personal flavor mileage will vary; luckily they do have other flavorings on offer besides pineapple.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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