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Which protein shake is best: Premier or Fairlife?

A protein shake after an exhausting workout can be highly beneficial. Protein is the most critical macronutrient required for efficient muscle recovery, so getting enough of it is crucial if you exercise or lift weights often.

If you’re trying to decide which protein shake is right for you, Premier and Fairlife are two popular brands you should consider. Both supplements contain significant amounts of protein and other vitamins and nutrients, but the right one for you depends on your body and fitness goals.

Premier protein shake

Premier protein shakes are a great way to supplement your post-workout diet and boost the muscle recovery process, letting you get more out of your workouts and potentially see results faster.

Premier incorporates plenty of protein and other vital nutrients and vitamins in their products, making them an excellent snack or post-workout recovery supplement.

Premier protein shake pros

Premier protein shake

One serving of a Premier protein shake contains 160 calories and 30 grams of protein, which is more than even most whey isolate protein powders, which usually have 20-28 grams per serving. There are also many essential amino acids, including 6.6 grams of branched-chain amino acids, which are vital for significant muscle recovery and growth.

They have just 1 gram of sugar per serving and are available in 12 low-fat flavors. From chocolate to vanilla to coffee, every flavor is gluten-free, soy-free and appropriate for keto, bariatric and kosher diets. It’s also worth noting that the coffee flavor contains caffeine and that a handful of flavors can substitute for coffee cream.

protein powder

Premier protein shakes come in ready-made bottle-size servings as well as in a protein powder for mixing at your leisure. It’s up to your preference, but it’s important to note that the premixed drinks contain more sugar per serving than the powder.

Premier protein shake cons

Although Premier shakes contain 24 vitamins and minerals, they don’t have enough nutrients to serve as viable meal replacements. They’re suitable as snacks in between meals and as post-workout supplements only.

Premier shakes also contain a high amount of protein, which can be unnecessary and even harmful if you’re already getting enough of it from your regular diet in the form of healthy whole foods. Also, they contain artificial sweeteners, and if you’re lactose-intolerant, you’re going to want to steer clear of Premier protein shakes.

Fairlife protein shake

Fairlife protein shakes

Fairlife protein shakes are an excellent workout supplement for those looking to boost muscle recovery following rigorous exercise. They’re light, so you won’t feel too full after drinking one, making them an acceptable snack as well.

Fairlife protein shake pros

Fairlife Nutrition Plan

The original Fairlife Nutrition Plan shakes have the same protein as Premier shakes at 30 grams per serving. It contains just 150 calories per serving, so it’s 10 fewer than the ready-made Premier protein shakes. In terms of nutrients, it has nine essential amino acids and several vitamins and minerals such as vitamin D, calcium and potassium.

These shakes have plenty of protein, and their low-carb formula makes them an excellent supplement for those seeking to lose weight while maintaining a solid muscle frame. They’re made with ultra-filtered milk, giving them a smooth, creamy texture that’s delicious.

Also, unlike Premier protein shakes, Fairlife shakes are suitable for anybody who’s lactose-intolerant.

Fairlife protein shake cons

They only come in seven flavors, but some users argue that it doesn’t taste as good as other comparable shakes. They’re also pricey, so you might get more bang for your buck with Premier shakes. Also, there isn’t as much diversity in terms of products as with Premier protein products.

Should you get Premier or Fairlife protein shakes?

Both Premier and Fairlife protein shakes work well as workout supplements since they both have plenty of protein and amino acids necessary for muscle recovery. They both also have vitamins and minerals that make them suitable as meal supplements or daytime snacks.

Fairlife shakes are easier on the stomach since they’re lactose-free, so while Premier shakes are also light, Fairlife is arguably the better choice for those following strict diets. However, Premier shakes are available in more unique flavors, so you can try different ones until you find one you like.

Ultimately, both shakes will give you a protein boost sufficient enough to aid in the muscle recovery process, especially if you exercise or lift weights consistently. Although Fairlife shakes have more calories and protein per serving, making them slightly better for those with muscle-building goals, Premier shakes are low in fat, so they’re excellent for anyone looking to lose weight.


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