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Which Wonder Woman jewelry is best? 

Looking to channel your inner Wonder Woman? Maybe you want a pair of earrings that show off the heroine’s signature “W” logo or a bracelet that channels her iconic gauntlets? There are great options when it comes to choosing the jewelry for celebrating Diana, Princess of the Amazons, a.k.a. Wonder Woman.

For a ring that can’t be beat, check out the Alari Design Wonder Woman Crown Ring, which has a timeless design that honors the spirit of Wonder Woman.  

What to know before you buy Wonder Woman jewelry

Choosing a style era 

While some Wonder Woman jewelry universally represents the superhero, it’s helpful to know which incarnation you’re looking to channel. There are stylistic differences between vintage and contemporary designs, particularly when it comes to comparing the original logo from the 1940s DC comic books to popular Wonder Woman toys and the Gal Gadot films of 2017 and 2020.

The first version of Wonder Woman’s logo was a yellow eagle against a red backdrop, though over the years the eagle has evolved into a golden W against several backdrops, including a red one and a gray one.    

Replicas and costume-inspired jewelry 

Are you looking for jewelry that celebrates Wonder Woman or emulates her? Jewelry that celebrates Wonder Woman features her logo, color scheme or other recognizable flourishes. Jewelry that emulates Wonder Woman is designed to look like jewelry or armor she wear in the comics or films. Such pieces include Wonder Woman’s golden tiara and extra-strong “gauntlets” that serve as matching bracelets on her wrists or forearms.

Fashion jewelry vs. fine jewelry

Fashion jewelry is not made from precious metals and is less expensive, while fine jewelry uses precious metals like gold, silver or platinum. Fine jewelry costs more and is designed to last longer. There’s lot of both kind of Wonder Woman jewelry, so consider which style and price best suits your needs.

What to look for in quality Wonder Woman jewelry

Signature color scheme

An excellent piece of Wonder Woman jewelry pays close attention to detail, and that means working the superhero’s signature colors into the design. Gold, red and blue are the original colors, though silver is sometimes added. 

Recognizable symbols

There are several symbols closely associated with the hero, from the logo on her costume to the star in her tiara. When you look at these symbols, you recognize them immediately.

  • Eagle: If you’re going for a more vintage look, the original 1941 Wonder Woman logo was an eagle. Since that logo has evolved over the years, however, this is probably the type of design only a die-hard Wonder Woman fan will notice. 
  • W: The contemporary W logo, based on the eagle design, is the most easily recognized symbol associated with Wonder Woman. You can still see traces of that eagle in the emblem’s wing-like edges. 
  • Star: A number of Wonder Woman designs feature a red star in the center of her tiara, and the symbol has been incorporated into a lot of jewelry designed to honor her.
  • Tiara point: The triangular point of Wonder Woman’s tiara has become popular in ring designs based on the character and is usually accompanied by a star.

Strong materials

Most Wonder Woman jewelry involves metal, and since she is one of the most indestructible comic characters, you’ll want jewelry that lives up to that standard. Quality metals won’t chip or turn green over time. Gold, silver and stainless steel are especially known for their durability. Silver does tarnish, but can be polished. If metal isn’t the primary material, then the cord is made from something reliable like leather, wax or nylon.

How much you can expect to spend on Wonder Woman jewelry

Wonder Woman fashion jewelry costs $10-$40, while fine jewelry with the same theme costs $50-$1,000. 

Wonder Woman jewelry FAQ

Which metals tarnish?

A. Brass, copper, aluminum and silver are more likely to tarnish. Gold can tarnish but does so less noticeably. Cobalt and platinum do not tarnish. 

What is an alloy metal?

A. An alloy metal is a material that combines at least one metallic base other non-metallic elements. Alloy metals tend to be strong, affordable and resistant to corrosion. Most fine jewelry is made of alloys rather than pure metal, because pure gold and silver are too soft to stand alone.

What’s the best Wonder Woman jewelry to buy?

Top Wonder Woman jewelry

Alari Design Wonder Woman Crown Ring

Alari Design Wonder Woman Crown Ring

What you need to know: This tiara-shaped ring is handmade in sterling silver with a deeply cut star engraved at the top.

What you’ll love: It’s well-crafted with a simple but elegant design. It comes in a wide variety of sizes. It can be engraved on the inside or outside for an additional fee and can be made in other metals, such as gold or bronze, upon request. 

What you should consider: The thickest portion of the band is a little under half an inch.

Where to buy: Sold by Etsy

Top Wonder Woman jewelry for the money

Fandom Emporium Design Wonder Woman Charm Necklace Or Anklet

Fandom Emporium Design Wonder Woman Charm Necklace Or Anklet

What you need to know: This necklace or ankle bracelet features a dozen colorful charms with iconic Wonder Woman imagery.

What you’ll love: The charms include Wonder Woman’s shield, sword, lasso, gauntlets and more. There are a wide array of necklace and anklet lengths. It’s made of alloy metals that are nickel-free.

What you should consider: It cannot be returned.

Where to buy: Sold by Etsy

Worth checking out

Alex and Ani Wonder Woman Expandable Bangle Bracelet

Alex and Ani Wonder Woman Expandable Bangle Bracelet

What you need to know: This gold-toned bangle bracelet is 2.4 inches in diameter and a little under an inch in width, with the Wonder Woman “W” logo etched across the surface. 

What you’ll love: The details are beautiful and pair well with the metal’s golden shine. The cuff style is a fun callback to Diana’s gauntlets and the size is adjustable. 

What you should consider: It might be too big for thinner wrists. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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