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Which Nebula projectors are best?

Outdoor summer parties might be well and truly over, but that doesn’t mean the home entertainment should stop. Gather up some friends, switch on the popcorn machine, and dish out some eggnog while having an epic movie marathon with a projector.

It’s much better than viewing films on a television, as it nearly has the same charm as an old-school film projector. Been thinking of getting a smart projector? Take a look at the Nebula Cosmos Max, and you’ll see why it comes highly rated.

What to know before you buy a Nebula projector

The projectors are made by Anker

Although the website and the projectors are sold under the Nebula name, they are made and distributed by Anker Innovations. The company is China-based and has become well-known for its power banks, charging solutions and mobile accessories. You can also find Anker headphones and USB hubs in the U.S.

The models fall into two categories

Anker’s Nebula division is solely responsible for projectors. There are several models available in the U.S, and they all fall into one of two categories. The “Go Anywhere” series is focused on portable projectors that can be used where electricity is a bit of a luxury. The “Around the Home” series is geared towards home entertainment, and the projectors are more robust than the former series.

You can watch almost any content on them

Apart from having USB and HDMI connections, the Nebula projectors use the Android operating system. This means that you can download and install various apps onto it, including Netflix, Hulu, ESPN and Disney+. You can even connect a Google Chromecast to the projectors to view all of your favorite streaming options in one place. 

What to look for in a quality Nebula projector

Resolution and pixel density

Nebula projectors are made from high-quality materials and components, so you would expect the resolution to match. And in fact, it does, as all but two Nebula projectors have a resolution of 1080p or better. All models also have autofocus, so you know that any content you watch will always have the best clarity.

Throwing distance and size

The throwing distance (or projection size) of a projector is important as it can influence the overall size of the display, the resolution, and the clarity. The projection size is determined by several factors, but mostly the device’s brightness. A good quality projector will be able to show a 100-inch display at a distance of 9 feet.  

The light source type

Projectors generally come with one of two light sources: Digital Light Processing (DLP) or Liquid Crystal Display (LCD). The latter uses three red, green and blue chips through which the light travels to create the colors, whereas DLP uses a color wheel with microscopic tilting mirrors to project the footage. They are considered to be lighter, portable, and more reliable than LCD light sources.

How much you can expect to spend on a Nebula projector

The cost of a Nebula projector will depend on the series, the capabilities, and the output resolution of the footage. An entry-level projector from Nebula retails for between $200-$300. A fully-featured Nebula projector can set you back between $600-$1,600.

Nebula projector FAQ

Can you connect Bluetooth speakers to a Nebula projector?

A. In most cases, you will be able to connect a Bluetooth device like speakers to a Nebula projector. But of course, the projector needs to have a Bluetooth transmitter for it to work.

What screen do you use with a projector?

A. This will depend on the projector that you have, the brightness and the light source. But in most scenarios, a portable white screen will work just fine. Just keep in mind the room size (if it’s not being used outdoors), the seating arrangements and the projector’s maximum throwing distance.

What’s the best Nebula projector to buy?

Top Nebula projector

Nebula Cosmos Max projector

Nebula Cosmos Max projector

What you need to know: A fantastic projector for 4K content and surround sound.

What you’ll love: The Cosmos Max is best utilized when in the center of the audience, as it has a full 360-degree sound system built in. It can handle content up to 4K resolution and is rather bright at 1,500 lumens. With the built-in zoom, it has a maximum projection distance of 150-inches, which is easily adjusted with remote control. It also features upscaling technology for content that is below 4K.

What you should consider: The hefty price tag puts this projector out of reach for many.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Nebula projector for the money

Nebula Capsule projector

Nebula Capsule projector

What you need to know: A small and portable projector that’s perfect for home movies.

What you’ll love: The smallest projector from Nebula is no bigger than a soda can. Best used in dimmer environments, it only has a brightness of 100 lumens. It has a resolution of 854×480 (below HD) and features a 5-watt, 360-degree speaker. Thousands of additional apps can be downloaded from the Android app store

What you should consider: The resolution will not be sufficient for those that require a full HD experience.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Nebula Solar Portable Projector

Nebula Solar Portable Projector

What you need to know: No electricity? No problem.

What you’ll love: The solar-powered projector from Nebula is the perfect way to watch films if you don’t have a power source. It’s not the projector itself that works off the power of the sun, but rather that the built-in batteries are solar-rechargeable. In terms of projection quality, it can project up to 120 inches at a full-HD resolution. It has two, 3-watt, built-in speakers powered by Dolby Digital Plus. It has a little stand that pops out of the bottom so that you can view content at a maximum incline of 13 degrees.  

What you should consider: The fully charged battery can last for only three hours when disconnected from Wi-Fi and the volume is set to 80%.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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