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Which family chore charts are best?

Family chore charts are an excellent way for you to teach your children responsibility through completing tasks and chores. They are also a great method for tracking your kids’ progress in a lot of different areas. If you’re looking for a well-reviewed, highly adaptable chore chart, the Neatlings Chore System is the best one out there.

What to know before you buy a family chore chart

Reading level of children

It’s important to consider the reading level of your kids before purchasing a family chore chart. For example, young kids who are pre-readers or just learning to read might need some help understanding the family chore chart and filling it out. It might help to find a family chore chart that has pictures to indicate the chores rather than just words if there are kids in your household that can’t fully read yet.

Display method

Family chore charts are usually placed in high-traffic areas of the household, like in kids’ bedrooms, in entry halls or on refrigerators, so that everyone in the family can properly see them. Think about where in your house you want to display your family chore chart because your display method will impact the type of chart you buy. 

For example, a chart you display on the refrigerator needs magnetic backing, while poster charts usually need to be mounted with tape or adhesive tabs. Sign-style charts can be displayed similarly to a picture frame with a hook or nail on the wall.

Type of chart

There are a few different types of family chore charts out there, including magnetic boards, pocket charts and dry-erase board charts, so it’s important to consider these popular kinds of charts and think about what will work best for you and your family. Magnetic boards allow you to drag and drop pieces, while pocket charts have pockets or slots where you can place cards.

What to look for in a quality family chore chart


Family chore charts usually have different types of calendars, including weekday, monthly and weekly. Weekday and weekly calendars are the most common, since it is easier to plan for a week at a time rather than a month. Think about what works best for your family before deciding on a type of calendar.

Point system

There are plenty of family chore charts out there that use point systems to help you track progress and stay on top of your kids’ tasks and chores. Your children will simply check off a box or apply a magnet or sticker to show that they have completed a task. You could even use it to have a competition for the most chores completed by the end of the week.


Many family chore charts come with accessories like reward stickers or a set of dry-erase markers. These accessories can make the process of filling out the family chore chart more fun and engaging for your kids.

How much you can expect to spend on a family chore chart

Family chore charts usually range in price between about $10-$80, but highly customized chore charts and charts made from top-quality materials usually cost more. The most simple magnetic and poster charts go for $10-$30, while the mid-range magnetized and pocket charts vary in price from $30-$60 and the high-end charts go for $60 or more.

Family chore chart FAQ

Do you need to purchase an age-specific chore chart for your child?

A. Family chore charts typically work well for children of all ages. That being said, some chore charts can appear a little too juvenile to older kids. But you can use any family chore chart as long as it gives all of the important information. It’s important to make the process of selecting a family chore chart a group activity, so that everyone in your family feels connected to the chart and involved in the process.

What’s the difference between a chore chart and a behavior chart?

A. Chore charts mainly emphasize responsibilities, tasks and projects with specific due dates. Earning rewards on a family chore chart is fairly straightforward because it’s clear whether or not a task has been completed. On the flip side, behavioral charts are more about ongoing dedication and work. It’s less about specific tasks or chores and more about behaviors, such as manners, respect and anger management.

What’s the best family chore chart to buy?

Top family chore chart

Neatlings Chore System

Neatlings Chore System

What you need to know: Perfect for up to three children, this adaptable family chore chart includes see-through pockets, so you are able to see what still needs to be completed. 

What you’ll love: This incredible family chore chart features 54 chore cards and 34 different self-care options with reward tickets and cards that sit in pockets. The flexibility enables you to give reminders for some chores and rewards for others.

What you should consider: Keep in mind that this family chore chart is fairly large and heavy.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top family chore chart for the money

WhizBuilders Behavior Chore Reward Chart for Multiple Kids

WhizBuilders Behavior Chore Reward Chart for Multiple Kids

What you need to know: This budget-friendly family chore chart works well for up to three children and features magnets and a dry-erase marker on a hanging chart.

What you’ll love: This affordable and colorful family chore chart includes 32 magnetic chore stickers and several star stickers that are easy for young kids to handle. This chart is a very durable option with lots of space to write things. 

What you should consider: The magnets aren’t very strong and there is no way to attach them to a non-magnetic surface.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Melissa & Doug Magnetic Responsibility and Chore Chart

Melissa & Doug Magnetic Responsibility and Chore Chart

What you need to know: This family chore chart from the trusted brand Melissa & Doug features a secondary board rather than a storage pouch, which makes the magnets more simple to access.

What you’ll love: This family chore chart features 90 magnets for tracking progress, behavior and chores. The chart is composed of dry-erase boards connected with fabric hinges and hangs on a string from a hook or nail on the wall.

What you should consider: The wooden frame on this chart warps fairly easily and the chart is only designed for one child.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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