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Which hair clippers for thick hair are best?

If you have thick hair, you know that not all clippers are up to the job. In fact, lesser quality models often feel like they are doing more tugging and yanking of your hairs than actually cutting them. One of the most important factors when choosing clippers is what type of motor they use. You’ll want to consider the blade type and the various features they have or accessories they include. 

The Oster Fast Feed Adjustable Pivot Motor Clipper stands out in many of these regards and is a top choice for anyone tired of low-powered clippers that get tangled up in their hair rather than cutting it.

What to know before you buy hair clippers for thick hair

Motor type

If you have thick hair and want a pain-free trimming experience, pay close attention to the type of motor any clipper you are considering purchasing has. Magnetic motors are commonly found in consumer-grade clippers intended for home use because they are affordable and low maintenance. However, while these work well enough on fine hair, they can struggle with thick or coarse hair.

Rotary motors are one of the most common motor types, and they are popular with both professionals and consumers for several reasons. Rotary motors are powerful, durable and relatively quiet. They can also be used for long periods of time without overheating. All of these features make them a decent option for those with thick hair. 

Perhaps the best choice for those with thick hair or who prefer to cut their hair when it is wet is pivot motors. On clippers with pivot motors, the blades move in both directions, which makes them very efficient at cutting hair quickly and powering through thick manes.

Blade type

Clippers also make use of different types of blades, each of which has its own pros and cons. Stainless steel is one of the most affordable options and is suitable for both wet and dry trimming. Carbon steel holds an edge better than stainless steel, but shouldn’t be used for wet trimming because it is prone to rust. 

Titanium blades offer the best of both of these worlds. They aren’t prone to rust and hold their edge exceptionally well. However, clippers with titanium blades can be costly. You can also find models with ceramic blades, which hold an edge well and aren’t prone to rust, but these tend to command high prices like titanium blades. They aren’t nearly as durable either.

Features to look for in quality hair clippers for thick hair


Clippers often come with anywhere from two to ten guides, also referred to as combs. These make it easy to cut your hair to a specific length. There are also models that come with just a single guide, but these will often feature a length-adjustment mechanism.

Additional attachments

Along with guides, clippers may include a nose and ear trimmer or precision trimmer attachment for contouring your beard or sideburns. 


Most clippers are also bundled with a few accessories for maintaining the machine, such as blade oil and a small cleaning brush. They may also come with scissors, a comb or beard brush and more.

Run time

If choosing a cordless model, the run time should be a consideration. Some models may only offer a 30-minute runtime while others may offer as much as two hours. The last thing you want is for your clippers to run out of juice midway through a haircut. On that note, it is also a smart idea to purchase one that features a battery life indicator to keep you abreast of the status.

How much you can expect to spend on hair clippers for thick hair

Most people can find quality clippers for thick hair for between $50-$200.

Hair clippers for thick hair FAQ

Are corded or cordless clippers better for thick hair?

A. If you are a professional stylist, it is best to choose a corded model so you don’t have to worry about battery life throughout the day. For home consumers, either type will work fine, just make sure you have a lot of battery life left before you start cutting your hair.

Will I ever have to re-sharpen the blades on my trimmer?

A. This depends on what type of trimmer you buy. Thankfully, most models these days are self-sharpening. However, if your model isn’t, you’ll need to re-sharpen them periodically. If you can’t do this yourself, many companies allow you to send the blades back for sharpening either for free or for a low cost.

What are the best hair clippers for thick hair to buy?

Top hair clippers for thick hair

Oster Fast Feed Adjustable Pivot Motor Clipper

Oster Fast Feed Adjustable Pivot Motor Clipper

What you need to know: The Oster Fast Feed has a small and lightweight design that belies its powerful pivot motor and high-performance cutting.

What you’ll love: It features a long, 8-foot power cord that gives you plenty of room to maneuver, and it is relatively quiet compared to many other models.

What you should consider: The included guides feel a bit flimsy so you’ll need to be careful with them.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top hair clippers for thick hair for the money

Andis 24075 Professional PivotPro and SpeedMaster Combo Kit

Andis 24075 Professional PivotPro and SpeedMaster Combo Kit

What you need to know: If you are looking for value, you can’t beat this combo kit that comes with quality hair clippers and a beard trimmer for a low price.

What you’ll love: Both machines include several attachments. The trimmer runs on a powerful pivot motor too, so it rarely ever gets bogged down or tugs on hairs.

What you should consider: They have a tendency to get hot if used for a long period of time.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Wahl Professional 5 Star Series Metal Edition Cordless Magic Clip

Wahl Professional 5 Star Series Metal Edition Cordless Magic Clip

What you need to know: Though pricey, the Wahl Metal Edition Magic Clip doesn’t struggle with thick or coarse hair like many other cordless models. 

What you’ll love: It has a rugged build that can stand up to a lot of wear and tear. Also, it can be used with the cord attached when needed, so never have to worry you’ll run out of juice midway through a cut and be left with an unfinished hairstyle.

What you should consider: It only comes with three attachment combs.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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