SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – Ozark’s food harvest is able to provide over 20 million meals a year to help families across the Ozarks not go hungry.

They are able to provide food to many different non-profits that help children, families, and even senior citizens in 28 counties.

One of their more popular programs is their weekend backpack program which serves 61 schools in the Ozarks. 

Their goal is to help people who are faced with food insecurity not have to question where their next meal will come from.  

For every dollar donated to Ozark’s food harvest, they are able to make it into 4 meals for those in the community. 

They work with volunteers who care and commit their time to help transform hunger into hope for people all across the Ozarks. 

“I’ve been volunteering since last November. Every Wednesday, Thursday, the afternoon session,” says, volunteer Jesse Lafferty. “As far as for myself, it makes me feel good. When they do tell the stories of how many people are impacted by it, it just lets you know that you’re doing something good for those people.”