SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – Putting the Ozarks First benefits local organizations, like Crosslines, that help feed families across the OzarksLast year, Crosslines and the Council of Churches said they served more than 80,000 people.

Currently, rising costs are calling for an increase in people seeking help.

“A lot of folks who have limited incomes with rising costs have had to adjust,” said Philip Herzog, CCO Director of Development and Community Engagement. “They can’t always fill every single gap, so that’s where we step in to provide food and essentials to help them get by.”

Herzog said Crosslines needs more volunteers and donations.

“Gifted time, gifted dollars, treasures of goods, all of those things help us serve our people better,” said Herzog. “Crosslines means where the lines of compassion and human need meet. That pinpoint is exactly what we’re doing in serving those folks alongside our neighbors.”

One volunteer, Marilyn Dial, said if it weren’t for places like Crosslines, she doesn’t know what people would do.

“It makes me angry when I hear people say that, you know, oh these people are lazy, or they’re just trying to work the system,” said Herzog. “Yeah, there may be a few, but I don’t think until people do this kind of work, they realize how much real genuine need there is in the community.”

Dial said she sees people of all ranges seeking help.

“I think the thing that really makes my heart bleed are the senior woman who is trying to live on social security of $900 a month and are raising their grandchildren for one reason or another,” said Dial.

She said volunteering for Crosslines is her way of paying it forward. Dial encourages others to help in any way they can.


If you are on a desktop, open the camera on your phone and point it at the code above. You’ll be taken to a page with more info and opportunities to donate.