HOLLISTER, Mo. — Many local non-profits assist Ozarks Food Harvest and Convoy of Hope on their mission of feeding their neighbors. One of those non-profits is the Christian Action Ministries (CAM).

Kevin Huddleston, the executive director of CAM, said they supplied more families in Taney County with more food than ever before in 2020.

“Came out to be about 11,000 unique individuals covering around 4000-4500 households,” said Huddleston.

Donating that much wouldn’t have been possible without non-profit partnerships such as Ozarks Food Harvest.

“That partnership is absolutely invaluable to us,” said Huddleston. “We wouldn’t exist without them. We also get great assistance from Convoy of Hope. We’re blessed to have convoy right here in the Springfield area.”

Because of COVID-19 regulations, most of that process happened at their drive-through in Branson.

“We couldn’t even imagine prior to the COVID lockdown that we saw at this time a year ago, and we were helping so many people, and we were working 12-15 hour days just to supply the food that people needed,” said Huddleston.

CAM continues to supply families in Taney County with food, but to their surprise, the numbers have actually started going down.

“We’re afraid that some people are relying on some assistance that’s not going to be sustainable, and we’re not sure where they’re going to be two months, four months, six months down the road,” said Huddleston. “We’ll be here if they need our assistance, but we hope it’s a good thing.”

To learn how to donate to Ozarks Food Harvest, click here.