On her application for holiday assistance this single mother wrote the following:

“I was working full time until Covid hit and because I work at a restaurant and our lobby has been closed, our hours have been cut. All my check goes for rent, utilities, insurance, phone, groceries, and household. After bills, I never have anything left. My kids have hit a growth spurt and nothing is fitting them and I can’t afford to provide the smallest needs right now. My kiddos know the real reason for Christmas, but it’s still heartbreaking not being able to provide the extras on a special day. I have mowed a neighbor’s yard for extra money and cleaned houses on the side. I’m trying, but just when I think I’m close to being ahead, I need more groceries or gas. Any help would be greatly appreciated and would make three kiddos happy come Christmas day”.

Since writing these words, her concerns about supporting her family have only increased. As the number of COVID-19 cases in the community grows, the restaurant where she works is considering reducing hours even more. With no child support, food stamps, or other assistance, she knows she has the full responsibility of providing for the three children.

While clothing is the primary need for this family, the children would really like to see some wrapped packages waiting for them on Christmas morning.

In order to help with finances, the oldest child, a sixteen-year-old girl, has taken an after school job. She would like a bicycle she could ride to school and work.

Her brother needs sheets and a comforter for his bed. However, gifts that are probably more appealing to a thirteen-year-old might include a skateboard or board game.

The youngest child, a nine-year-old girl, would like a bicycle and a My Generation doll with accessories. Mother is caring for a grandson several days a week and would appreciate diapers, wipes, and sleepers to use when the baby is staying with her.



So that every child receives the same number of gifts, please provide 1 large gift, 2 medium gifts, and at least 2 small gifts.

GIRL, Age 16

  • Large Gift: Mountain bike – 26″
  • Medium Gifts: Drawing pad, Drawing Pencils, Electronic Monopoly
  • Small Gifts: Lotion, Fuzzy socks, Lip gloss, Nail polish, Gift card to McDonald’s or Andy’s
  • Clothing: Shirt (Size medium), Sweatshirt (Size large), Jeans (Size 13), Coat (Size Large), Underwear (Size 6, hipsters), Socks (fit to size 8.5), Gift card for shoes

BOY, Age 13

  • Large Gift: Twin bed set
  • Medium Gifts: Skateboard, Pictionary or other board games
  • Small Gifts: Small Nerf toy, Winter gloves, Colored pencils, Gift cards to McDonald’s or Andy’s
  • Clothing (Favorite color is purple): Shirt (Size large), Sweatshirt (Size large), Joggers (Youth large), Coat (Size youth large), Underwear (Size medium, boxers), Socks (fit to size 5.5), Gift card for shoes

GIRL, Age 9

  • Large Gift: Bicycle- 20″
  • Medium Gifts: Our Generation doll, Accessories or clothing for the doll
  • Small Gifts: Drawing pad, Colored pencils or gel pens, Fuzzy socks, Lip gloss, Gift cards to McDonald’s or Andy’s
  • Clothing (Favorite colors are pink and purple): Shirt (Youth size medium), Sweatshirt (Youth size medium), Jeans (size 10-12), Coat (Youth size medium), Underwear (Size girl’s 8-10), Socks (fit to size 2.5), Gift card for shoes

Optional Family Gifts

  • For Grandson: Diapers (size 4), wipes, sleepers size 9-12 months
  • Laundry detergent
  • Hygiene products such as deodorant, toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo, bath soap