2020 will have some happy memories for this small family. Mom and Dad were recently married and each has been working to be awarded custody of their children.

In March, Dad’s daughter was suddenly placed in his care and in April Mom gained custody of her son. Together, they’d been living in a one-bedroom home. Now, with custody of the kids, moving to a larger house was necessary. They’re also trying to provide clothing, bedroom furniture, and school supplies for the children.

Both of the children have non-custodial parents living in communities several hours away. Mom and Dad are required to drive the children to visit these parents every other weekend, adding to the costs of maintaining their older car.

Legal fees have been another expense this past year. Mom says they’ve been able to provide the children with basic needs and keep their household bills paid. However, there is no money left at the end of the month for Christmas toys.

The ten year old boy likes cars, trucks, baseball hats and comic books. The six year old girl has asked if Santa could bring a doll house this year. She also likes Friends Lego, board games, and books.



So that every child receives the same number of gifts, please provide 1 large gift, 2 medium gifts, and at least 2 small gifts.

BOY, Age 10

  • Large Gift: Suggested game system like X Box (Closest to price range is Sega Genesis for $80)
  • Medium Gifts: Build-your-own car or truck toys, Legos, Baseball hats
  • Small Gifts: Comic books, Small Nerf toy, Small game like UNO, Jenga, etc., Gel pens, Winter Gloves
  • Clothing: Jeans (Size 8), Underwear (Medium boxers), Coat (size 12), Shirt (Size 10), No-show socks, Gift card for shoes

GIRL, Age 6

  • Large Gift: Dollhouse
  • Medium Gifts: Friends Legos, Accessories for the dollhouse, Age appropriate board game
  • Small Gifts: Hair accessories, Lip gloss, Brightly colored socks, Books, Markers, Drawing pad
  • Clothing: Jeans (Size 7), Underwear (Small briefs), Coat (size 8), Shirt or Sweatshirt (Size 6/7 shirt, Size 8 sweatshirt), No-show socks, Gift card for shoes