It’s been a hard few months for this mom and her three kids.

Her problems began when she received notice that the apartment building where they lived was due to be remodeled and that she and the kids would need to move. She says they weren’t given much notice. She found it difficult to find another apartment large enough for her and the three children.

She hadn’t budgeted for the cost of moving or the required deposits at a new complex. The expenses reduced the funds she had available for rent and groceries. And, just as the family was settling into their new home, the car quit working.

Right now, she’s relying on a co-worker for transportation. A family member is trying to repair the car but he’s not optimistic that it can be driven again. She works for a small company providing in-home care for elderly patients. She finds it rewarding to make it possible for her clients to remain in their homes. However, she receives slightly over minimum wage for her work and says it’s difficult to provide for a family on that amount.

A skateboard is on the top of the gift list for her nine-year-old son. He’d also like a remote-controlled car or truck. His six-year-old brother would like roller skates and a Hot Wheels race track. Pink is definitely the favorite color of her five-year-old daughter. She’s asked Santa for a pink costume for playing dress-up, pink jewelry, and pink clothes for her doll.

There is also a list of clothing needed for the children.



So that every child receives the same number of gifts, please provide 1 large gift, 2 medium gifts, and at least 2 small gifts.

BOY, Age 9

  • Large Gift: Skateboard
  • Medium Gifts: Remote control cars, trucks, Remote control animal/dinosaur, Hotwheels “stuff”
  • Small Gifts: Hotwheels cars, Small Lego set, Nerf toy, Warm gloves, McDonald’s gift card
  • Clothing (Favorite color is orange): Shirt or Sweatshirt (Size 9), Jeans (Size 9), Coat (Size 9/10), Underwear (Medium boxer brief), Socks (fit to size 10), Gift card for shoes

BOY, Age 6

  • Large Gift: Roller Skates
  • Medium Gifts: Hot wheels race track, Dumptruck
  • Small Gifts: Hotwheels cars, Small Lego set, Nerf toy, Board game or card game, McDonald’s gift card
  • Clothing: Shirt or Sweatshirt (Size 6), Jeans (Size 6), Coat (Size 6/7), Underwear (Size 6 briefs), Socks (fit to size 8), Gift card for shoes

GIRL, Age 5

  • Large Gift: Doll House or Doll Bed
  • Medium Gifts: If doll bed purchased, a doll to fit the bed, Clothing for doll, Dress-up clothes/costume
  • Small Gifts: Hair accessories, Lip gloss, Coloring book & crayons, Sticker book, McDonald’s gift card
  • Clothing: Shirt or Sweatshirt (Size 5), Jeans (Size 5), Coat (Size 5/6), Underwear (Size 5), Socks (fit to size 4), Gift card for shoes