Seven years ago, this single mother says, she left an abusive marriage to provide a better home for her five children. Since that day she has been working to gain training that will provide some financial security.

She recently graduated from an esthetician school and is now licensed to practice. She’s trying to build up clientele but, due to the pandemic, that has become increasingly more difficult. It’s also hard for her to be away from the children for very long.

Her oldest son, a fourteen-year-old, has ADHD and other severe problems on the autism spectrum. They make regular trips to Kansas City for medical appointments. Her eight-year-old son also has ADHD. Because of the boys’ special needs, Mother has chosen to homeschool all of the children using a unit study curriculum.

She’d like the two boys to have bicycles, if possible, as they find it difficult to concentrate on toys like puzzles and Legos.

There are three girls in this family, ages eleven, nine, and eight. Her oldest daughter really needs a small desk where she can do her schoolwork without interruptions. She would also like fairy lights for her room.

The nine-year-old likes to sew. Mom says her skills have advanced to a point where she’s ready for a basic sewing machine. The youngest girl is looking for a doll house to contain her Barbies.

All of the children need clothing. Mom says they would each appreciate school and art supplies.



So that every child receives the same number of gifts, please provide 1 large gift, 2 medium gifts, and at least 2 small gifts.

BOY, Age 14

  • Large Gift: Bicycle- 26″
  • Medium Gifts: Acrylic paint set and something to paint on, “Jurassic World” Dinosaur
  • Small Gifts: Small dinosaur figures or posters for room decor, Drawing pencils, Drawing pad, Winter Gloves, Small Nerf toy, Stress ball, Gift car to McDonald’s or Andy’s
  • Clothing (Favorite color is blue, Also likes dinosaur patterns): Shirt or Sweatshirt (XL), Jeans (38×34), Coat (XL), Underwear (Men’s Large Briefs), Socks (fit to size 15), Gift card for shoes

GIRL, Age 11

  • Large Gift: Small desk or work table for homework
  • Medium Gifts: String of fairy lights, Minecraft poster, or figures to decorate her room
  • Small Gifts: Jewelry, Lip gloss, Nail polish, Fuzzy socks, Gift card to McDonald’s or Andy’s
  • Clothing: Shirt or sweatshirt (XXL in girls or Small in Juniors), Jeans (size girl’s 18), Coat (size small in juniors or XXL in girls), Underwear (size 5 bikini or girls 18), No-show socks (fit shoe size 6/7), Gift card for shoes

GIRL, Age 9

  • Large Gift: Sewing machine (not toy machine, inexpensive adult machines are available at Walmart)
  • Medium Gifts: Soap making kit, Art supplies, or Art kit
  • Small Gifts: Adult coloring book (likes animals, especially dogs), Colored pencils, Fuzzy socks, Lip gloss, Gift card to McDonald’s or Andy’s
  • Clothing: Shirt or sweatshirt: size 14/16, favorite color is pink; Leggings: size 14/16; Coat: size 14/16; Underwear: 14 briefs; Socks: to fit size 4 shoe; Gift card for shoes

BOY, Age 8

  • Large Gift: Bicycle – 20”
  • Medium Gifts: Super Hero action figure – especially likes Batman, has Ironman & Spiderman; Batman costume or Super Hero pajamas, size 10
  • Small Gifts: Crayons and drawing pad, Warm gloves, Small Nerf toy, Flashlight, Gift card to McDonald’s or Andy’s
  • Clothing: Shirt or sweatshirt: size 10, favorite color is green; Jeans: size 10; Coat: size 10/12; Underwear: size 10 briefs; Socks: to fit shoe size 5; Gift card for shoes

GIRL, Age 8

  • Large Gift: House for Barbie dolls
  • Medium Gifts: Barbie doll, Extra clothes for Barbie doll, Anything Frozen
  • Small Gifts: Jewelry, Nail polish, Coloring book & crayons, Fuzzy socks, Gift card to McDonald’s or Andy’s
  • Clothing: Shirt or sweatshirt: size 7/8, favorite color is purple; Leggings: size 7/8; Coat: size 7/8; Underwear: size 8 briefs; Socks: to fit shoe size 2; Gift card for shoes
  • Optional Family Gifts:
    • Laundry detergent
    • Hygiene items: Toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo, deodorant, bath soap
    • Paper or cleaning products