The past several years have been a series of ups and downs for this mom, dad, and their three children. They moved to Springfield from Idaho, hoping to find opportunity. It took months for them to find employment and a place to live.

Last Christmas was bleak. They were without transportation, unemployed, unable to give their children gifts, or even cook a special holiday meal.

At the beginning of 2020, Mom and Dad felt they were finally beginning to get ahead. Dad was working. Mom gave birth to their third child, a baby boy, that summer.

Then, C0VID-19 arrived. Dad’s place of employment closed in March. Mom contracted the virus, but then recovered, only to learn she now has cervical cancer. Now, she’s waiting for biopsy results to direct her treatment plan.

Trying to help with virtual school assignments, care for a new baby, and keep up with household duties leaves her exhausted. On her application she wrote, “Right now we are playing catch up with all of our bills. If my kids could be considered for Christmas gifts I would be extremely grateful.”

The nine-year-old boy is a huge fan of Star Wars and Minecraft. He likes puzzles and building things, so a Star Wars or Minecraft Lego would be great. The only girl in the family, age four, would like a bicycle with training wheels and a Barbie with extra clothes. For the baby boy, his mother requests blankets, diapers, and a walker. Warm winter clothing for all the children would be appreciated.



So that every child receives the same number of gifts, please provide 1 large gift, 2 medium gifts, and at least 2 small gifts.

  • BOY, Age 9
    • Large Gift: Star Wars or Minecraft Lego set (approximately $50)
    • Medium Gifts: Star Wars or Minecraft action figures, Pictionary, Sequence, or other age-appropriate board game
    • Small Gifts: Puzzles, Drawing Pad, Colored pencils, Winter gloves, Small Lego or Nerf toys, Flashlight, Gift card to McDonald’s or Andy’s
    • Clothing: Shirt or sweatshirt (size 9/10), Jeans (size 9), Coat (size XL), Underwear (briefs), Socks (fit to size 2.5, ankle or calf-length), Gift card for shoes
  • GIRL, Age 4
    • Large Gift: Bicycle with training wheels – 14”
    • Medium Gifts: Barbie with clothing, Small playset for Barbie
    • Small Gifts: Sticker book, Coloring book, Crayons, Fuzzy socks, Play jewelry, Lip gloss, Gift card to McDonald’s or Andy’s
    • Clothing: Shirt or sweatshirt (size 6 or medium), Jeans (size 6), Underwear (hipster/boy short), Socks (fit to shoe size 11), Gift card for shoes
  • BOY, Age 4-months
    • Large Gift: Walker
    • Medium Gift: Receiving blankets, Large blankets, Teethers, Any-age-appropriate toys, Board books, Child’s plate, and spoon
    • Clothing: All clothing should be 6-9 months, Diapers (size 2-3), Wipes (unscented)