Doing the best she can for her two grandsons has been a priority for this grandmother.

She moved from a large city with a high crime rate to Springfield where she thought the boys would be safer. In the past, she’s worked as a home health aide and for a commercial cleaning service. But now, a back injury and arthritis in her knees will no longer allow that type of work.

She has a modest income from Social Security and Disability, plus some food stamps, but she receives no child support or government assistance for the boys.

She writes, “I’m not able to do much considering my rent and bills each month. I would be most grateful if you could help us out”.

The oldest grandson, age eleven, has full-time virtual classes this year. He’d like a tablet, capable of helping him with that digital courseload. He’d also love a remote-controlled car or a Batman action figure.

The four-year-old would also like a tablet. He will need one designed for preschoolers. A Hot Wheels race track and slime are his other requests for Santa.

Grandma made sure to note, the boys need clothing, including coats and warm hats.



So that every child receives the same number of gifts, please provide 1 large gift, 2 medium gifts, and at least 2 small gifts.

BOY, Age 11

  • Large Gift: Tablet (some are available for around $50)
  • Medium Gifts: Remote control cars or trucks, Super hero action figures (his favorite superhero is Batman)
  • Small Gifts: Small super hero figures, Small Nerf toy, Small game like UNO or Jenga, Markers or gel pens, Drawing pad, Gift card to McDonald’s
  • Clothing (Favorite color is red): Shirt or Sweatshirt (Size 12), Jeans (Size 12), Coat (Size 12), Underwear (Size 12), Ankle socks (fit to size 5), Gift card for shoes

BOY, Age 4

  • Large Gift: Age-appropriate tablet
  • Medium Gifts: Hotwheels racetrack, Age-appropriate Lego set, Slime
  • Small Gifts: Washable crayons or markers, Coloring books, Extra cars for the race track, Flashlight, Small Nerf toy, Gift card to McDonald’s
  • Clothing (Favorite color is purple): Shirt or Sweatshirt (Size 6), Jeans (Size 6), Coat (Size 6), Underwear (Size 6), Ankle socks (fit to size 5), Gift card for shoes