Despite working long hours at a convenience store, this single mother manages to not only care for her four children but also help her neighbor with special needs. She writes that finances are very tight and won’t allow for purchasing Christmas presents.

Her oldest child has kidney problems, which require a trip to Children’s Hospital in St. Louis at least once a month. She’s been trying to save enough money to move the family into a house. Until she can, they’re living in an extended stay motel where rent is $260 a week.

Laundry is done every week at a nearby laundromat. She concludes her application for Christmas assistance by writing, “If you could help, it would be more than appreciated. Thank you and God bless.”

Her 14-year-old daughter attends high school and would like a gift card so she can select some new clothes. You might also consider headphones for her school computer.

Her nine-year-old son only has one wish this year: A bicycle. He also likes board games and Nintendo’s beloved video game character, Mario.

Her 3-year-old son could benefit from a ridable toy, or something to help burn all that toddler energy.

Finally, her youngest daughter is about to turn two and could use a child-sized play kitchen. Other suggestions include baby doll feeding sets.

Mom says all kids need clothes, specifically winter coats.

If a donor would like to provide additional assistance, pillows, laundry detergent, and hygiene products would be very welcome.



So that every child receives the same number of gifts, please provide 1 large gift, 2 medium gifts, and at least 2 small gifts.

  • GIRL, Age 14
    • Large Gift Suggestion: Gift Card
    • Medium Gift Suggestions: Headphones, Makeup, Drawing pad, Art supplies, Crayons, Drawing pencils
    • Small Gift Suggestions: Fuzzy Socks, Perfume, Gloves
    • Clothing: Jeans (size 11/12), Underwear/Bikini (Size 8), Coat (Size L), Shirt (Size M), Shoes (gift card), Sweatshirt (Size L), No-Show Socks (Shoe Size 10)
  • BOY, Age 9
    • Large Gift Suggestion: Bike, 24″
    • Medium Gift Suggestions: Board games, Learning games
    • Small Gift Suggestions: Nerf toys, Small Lego set
    • Clothing: Jeans (Boy’s Size 10), Shirts (Youth L), Sweatshirt (Youth L), Underwear (Briefs – Size 6), Coat (Youth L), Shoes (Gift Card), No-Show Socks (Shoe Size 7)
  • BOY, Age 3
    • Large Gift Suggestion: Riding toy of any kind
    • Medium Gift Suggestions: Learning toys, Cars, Trucks, Building blocks
    • Small Gift Suggestions: Toy cars, Toy trucks
    • Clothing: Jeans (Youth Size 3), Shirts (Youth Size 3), Sweatshirt (Youth Size 3), Underwear (Still Training – Youth Size 3), Coat, Shoes (Gift Card), Ankle socks (Size 11)
  • GIRL, Age 1
    • Large Gift Suggestion: Play kitchen
    • Medium Gift Suggestions: Learning toys, Dolls (babies, cats, dogs)
    • Small Gift Suggestions: Books, Small toddler-friendly toys
    • Clothing: Jeans (Toddler 2), Shirts (Toddler 2), Sweatshirt (Toddler 2), Underwear/Diapers (Size 6), Coat (Size 2-3), Shoes (Gift card), Ankle socks