Whether you are an individual, family, or a business in search of a plan for future income, our Investment Advisor Representatives can help you with comprehensive education and strategy development. We also offer insurance products, through LaTour Advisory Group, Inc. to potentially bring an element of predictability for our clients. Experience has shown that one product or one strategy is not the answer for every individual. At LaTour Asset Management, LLC, you will be provided with a recommendation based on your individual needs, risk tolerance and goals. Our income building solutions are tailored to your personal situation.


Our Company

At LaTour Asset Management, LLC, relationships are more than just meetings and handshakes. The foundation is always based on trust and respect. We recognize our client’s lifelong accomplishments and work towards achieving their financial goals with confidence and experience.

Our philosophy was born out of the desire to serve the client’s individual needs. Over time we found that many of the investment ideologies available were not designed to adequately take care of the 21st century investor and retiree.

Our Philosophy Is Simple: It’s Your Money.

Because many people regard financial strategies as complex and confusing; they fail to adequately protect their assets by taking unnecessary risk. With the changing economic conditions and market swings, we advocate a judicious investment strategy. We accomplish this by working with you to assess your particular investment profile. This would be made up of goals, objectives, need for income, (when and how much), risk tolerance and time horizon. We will then match our recommendations for asset management and allocations to fit your profile.

Why LaTour Asset Management, LLC ?

What makes us different?   We are Independent Advisor Representatives which allows us to choose from the entire spectrum of investment options without having to recommend proprietary products. When it comes to the management of your investments, our advisory team is able to use greater objectivity in our recommendations.

  • How much of your nest egg is at risk?
  • What does it take to create a retirement income plan that last as long as you do?
  • Have you maximized your Social Security Benefit and is it part of your overall retirement plan?
  • Do you have access to technology that can make your retirement easier to manage?

As life changes, so should your investment strategy.

Our Investment Advisor Representatives strive to assist you in planning for income throughout your retirement years. Bridging the income gap between your Social Security and over all income needs, takes careful and strategic planning. Our Distribution and Preservation Strategy is designed with the intent of bridging this gap while maintaining your standard of living dollars. We tailor our recommendations to your goals, objectives and your risk tolerance. As a fiduciary, it is our legal obligation to act in the best interest of each client.

There is not a “one size fits all” solution.

LaTour Asset Management, LLC has Investment Advisor Representatives that keep current on investment concepts, has interactive financial software, comprehensive technology and transparency. We believe information is empowering to those approaching retirement. Our Investment Advisor Representatives give back to our community through educational events on subject matter such as: Social Security Maximization and other retirement subject matters. Throughout the years, hundreds have benefited from our educational events, as well as the strategies and guidance that our advisors have given.

Our goal is that your overall retirement plan will stand the test of time.

LaTour Asset Management, LLC and LaTour Advisory Group Inc are located Southwest Missouri with an office  in Springfield and meeting only office in Ava.

Springfield Office

2627 West Republic Rd | Ste A-112
Springfield, M0 65807

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Ava Office

1107 Lyle Street
Ava, M0 65608


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