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Injectable Fillers
As skin ages, we often experience a loss in volume. The skin around the facial features like the eyes, nose, and mouth begin to show wrinkles as there is less volume and density of the skin. Bentley SkinCare and Wellness offers injectable fillers, a non-surgical solution to these signs of aging.

Injectable treatment options are popular non-surgical solutions to help reduce the appearance of frustrating signs of aging. One option is the use of FDA-approved neuromodulators like BOTOX. Both products fall into the botulinum protein type-A category. While they are in the same category, these two treatments are not interchangeable. Bentley SkinCare and Wellness can help you determine which one is best for you during a consultation.
BOTOX® is an injectable treatment option that can help reduce pesky signs of aging – such as fine lines and wrinkles – in a non-surgical, minimally invasive treatment session.

Using BOTOX to treat an area of the face may take less product as its formula is less diluted.
Diffusion is also an area where these two products differ. BOTOX stays in the area is it injected. BOTOX is used in an area where precision is needed.

Chemical Peels
Maintaining a healthy and youthful looking skin is important for many people. You can do this by using a variety of products and also through cosmetic procedures. Bentley SkinCare and Wellness offer chemical peels, one of the least invasive ways to improve the look of your skin.

Laser Hair Removal
Having unwanted hair anywhere on the body can be annoying. This can mean hours spent waxing, plucking, or shaving to get rid of it. Instead of wasting time just trying to stay ahead of the hair growth why not stop it from coming back? Bentley SkinCare and Wellness offers laser hair removal, a popular cosmetic treatment to alter how body hair grows!

Hormone Replacement

 The BioTE® Method of Hormone Optimization

At Bentley SkinCare and Wellness, we are a Certified Provider of the BioTE Method of hormone optimization therapy. We offer patient-centric strategies to optimize hormones and extend health spans for both women and men.

Hormone Imbalance Symptoms include fatigue, weight gain, irritability, anxiousness, mood swings, low mood, low sex drive, loss of muscle mass, brain fog, stress.

Getting started with hormone optimization is easy. Give us a call to schedule a consultation to discuss your symptoms and health goals and schedule a lab test. We will walk you through hormone optimization and help you determine if nutraceuticals and peptides are right for you.

Learn more about these treatments and your option during a consultation with our team in Springfield, MO.

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