Archie’s is a true family owned and operate business. 
Archie & Irene were high school sweat hearts for two years at Sterling High School. They have been married for 36 years and have 4 children and 6 grandchildrenBrandon Michael who is the oldest and will be the Dining Room manager. Amber Nicole who is the only girl and will handle the marketing. Joseph Ryan who is the baby and will be the kitchen manager. Two of the 6 grandchildren will also work at the restaurant. Maleek the oldest who is 19 and a freshman in college is a cook. Alycia the 1st granddaughter and is 18 and attends Parkview High School, in Springfield will serve you and Brandon Jr 13, Quinton 9, Grayson 7, and Evelyn who is almost 2 years old will be present! 

Archie has been in restaurants since he started as a busboy at the age of 15 and has been doing this work for more than 35 Years. He has been a kitchen manager, dining room manager, general manager, regional manager, Corporate trainer and director of operations.

His passion has always been Italian food and has had a dream of owning his own Italian restaurant. His dream has come true this year when he opened Archie’s Italian Eatery at 1410 E Republic Road in Springfield, MO.Archie’s holds a lot of specials items for everyone in the Ozarks. 

One of the challenges he has tried to conquer is the need for more gluten free options and will offer several of his pastas in a gluten free option. To include their fettuccini, Spaghetti, Linguini. He also will be providing several vegetarian options, including Items for vegans. 

To include All noodles, Marinara sauce, Italian bread, Spaghetti Squash with Beetballs. He believes they should have better options for dining than what is out there presently.His Italian dishes are old world authentic dishes. Their Italian bread is made fresh from scratch daily. They will have several options for fresh homemade dessert to include Tiramisu, Italian Wedding Cake, Carrot Cake, Crème Brule, and Cannolli dip

We can’t wait to serve you our authentic dishes, passion and professional service. 

Former long-time General Manager of Perkin’s Restaurant & Bakery, Archie Donoho, a local restauranteur icon has had a dream for many years to open up his own restaurant. His dream has been to bring an Authentic Italian Eatery to the Ozarks. In order for the dream to reveal itself, a few things had to happen. Fast forward, this dream of Archie’s, has became a reality and he and the staff cannot wait to serve the Ozarks with tradition, passion, and luxury menu items that will have you coming back for more! 

Book a reservation and come visit us at Archies Italian Eatery

1410 E. Republic RoadSpringfield, MO 65804

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