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Papa Valley Wagyu carefully selects specific Wagyu genetics and pairs them with our enhanced feeding program backed by years of study to provide the highest quality Fullblood Wagyu and Wagyu Crossbred beef direct to consumers and to restaurants.

Papa Valley Wagyu is a family owned and operated business that provides amazing Wagyu beef direct to consumers and to restaurants. We are based out of Missouri and our feeder cattle are raised by the skillful hands of DCR Wagyu.

You may know Wagyu through the Kobe beef product line…Wagyu is the breed of cattle used for producing Kobe beef but the term “Kobe beef” can only be used for Wagyu cattle produced in the Hyogo Prefecture of Japan.

The beef from this cattle breed produced in America goes by the name Wagyu. Wagyu beef is superior through its intense marbling, flavor, tenderness, and health benefits…Wagyu beef has higher percentages of mono-unsaturated fats, Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, and is lower in cholesterol.Fullblood Wagyu and Wagyu Crossbred beef.

Papa Valley Wagyu

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