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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — If you want to add healthy, disease-free years to your life, you can. And you can start right now, regardless of your age. That’s according to a study published in the journal Circulation.

Here’s the recipe – you have a healthy body mass index, eat a healthy diet, don’t smoke, don’t drink too much, and exercise regularly. No surprise there, but here’s the cool part – with all that you can add up to 14 healthy, disease-free years to your life. And that’s because it’s directly correlated with a lower risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer.

And it works, according to the study, even if you change your habits at 50 years old.

In this Ozarks Tonight, we are talking about the exercise part of that with Adam Wright of Wright Fitness and Nutrition. He’s a personal trainer and health coach.

Wright explains the body is meant to move and that we should be moving every day.

“Ancestrally speaking, we walked a lot, climbing, digging, lifting, pulling. Our bodies are built to do those things, and if we don’t do those things we will lose the ability to do them,” he said.

He says when finding some way to exercise, you should stick with what you like doing, making it easier to stick with it for the long run.

“The best type of exercise is the one that you will do and do regularly, so what you like to do,” Wright said.

Exercising can also help to prevent injury or helping people recover more quickly from an injury.

“It’s helping your bones be nice and strong and solid, especially as you get older,” he said. “If you are strong because of exercise, your muscles will help prevent you from falling. If you do fall, your bones are now strong because of that resistance training that you put them under, so they are less likely to break and you can recover faster.”

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