Blake Haynes spoke with Alyssa Lopez following her elimination loss on “The Challenge USA” against Cassidy Clark. Lopez points out her differing experiences on the first and second seasons and how she was far more prepared for season one than season two.

She said her experience this time around was more challenging and involved a lot of nerves to the point where when she was put into elimination because of the hopper she wasn’t nervous anymore which she took as a sign. Lopez enjoyed working with her fellow “Big Brother” and “Survivor” girls this season but ulimtaely felt like when she went home was perfect timing. She also touches on the fact that she was not the only CBS competitor that was against the MTV vets but she was perhaps more forward about it.

Lopez is unsure of what her future on “The Challenge” holds but she is not closing the door yet. Brand new episodes of “The Challenge: USA” air Thursdays and Sunday on CBS or Paramount+.