“The Challenge: USA” season two contestant Paulie Calafiore opens up to Blake Haynes about his time away from competing on reality tv before returning for this season. Paulie unpacks his self discovery journey of getting rid of the chip on his shoulder, properly handling his aggression, and accepting his sexuality.

He also discusses what it was like to be in the same house as former enemies Josh Martinez and Johnny Bananas. Calafiore states that he felt like he did not have one close ally per se but was working up to a few before getting eliminated. He concludes the intevriew by talking about his growth and relationship with girlfriend and former “The Challenge” contestant and champion Cara Maria Sorbello. Calafiore hopes to return again to the show at some point and win a season.

“The Challenge: USA” is airing weekly on Thursdays and Sundays on CBS and Paramount+.