In 2019, bakery owner Lindsay Kirtlan wanted to undertake the task of baking her husband a chocolate cake for his birthday. Being that it was still in the early days of online grocery ordering, and having an impeccably bad perception for sizing, Lindsay ordered 400 ounces of flour, which in laymen’s terms is twenty-five pounds of flour.

Now, needing to use up what seemed like a quarter ton of flour, Lindsay started making everything she could from scratch. Anything from cakes to cookies and from pancakes to biscuits, if it required flour, Lindsay was making it from scratch, and in doing so, realizing she not only had a knack for it, but also she thoroughly enjoyed it.

Fast forward to the Christmas of 2019, the Kirtlan family had to have some major car work done on their only family vehicle, draining their Christmas savings. Lindsay set to work, ordering another 25lbs of flour, and began selling Chicken Pot Pies and Cinnamon Rolls from her own kitchen. And so, Lindsay’s Kitchen was born.

Today, Lindsay’s Kitchen serves Springfield and the surrounding areas, Cinnamon Rolls and other delicious made-from-scratch treats.

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