OTT Traditional Media Placement TV
  1. OTT Delivers TV and film content via a device that connects to the Internet to the television, without the need for a broadcast signal or cable subscription.
  2. Linear TV delivers content through a satellite broadcast or cable connection.

Ozarksfirst Digital Marketing platform using the Nexstar Digital Techology platform is the 2nd largest video supply side platform in the U.S. and ranked in ComScore’s Top 5 in terms of unique reach in video. This technology allows us to deliver pure OTT campaigns to highly targeted local audiences. Unlike other companies, we offer solutions for blended OTT as well as pure OTT. We offer targeting by behavior, geo and demo.

Who does OTT Reach? Blended cable subscribers, Cord Cutters, Cord Nevers

What platforms can advertisers reach? Premium Broadcast Networks, Premium News Providers, Premium Sports and Entertainment

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